The Enemy called Covenant Hallmark Chibuzor


My friends,i want to use this time to share what a supposed facebook friend did to me.
2days ago,this man picture below REPORTED my Blog link to facebook and even my Facebook account to facebook,but facebook immediately marked my Blog Link AS spam,which makes it difficult for those using mobile to visit my Blog through facebook unless they Click on FOLLOW LINK or they type my Blog HTML address.

I made a post last night where i asked who wanted to hack my Blog,this Hallmark of a man came and told me openly he did it,that he did it because i criticised the Abia PDP candidate Okezie Ikpeazu by saying he is unfit to goven Abia state,at the earlier time i went soft with Mr.Hall Mark but he was publicily commenting on my Post to gain popularity as a self acclaimed hacker,but you know what?
He didnt hack me,rather he reported my BLOG link to facebook and facebook quickly marked my Blog as spam which makes those on mobile to have difficulty visiting my Blog.

I believe i have the right to post whatever i post here,anyone who felt i libelously insulted him or her should sue me to court and am ready to appear,now my question os why should someone i have as a friend since August 2014 want my downfall? I normally gets 5000 traffic from facebook daily,but since two days,i have not counted up to 1000 views. Why should a brother want my downfall?

Well i raised the alarm and some of my big facebook friends has tried to give me some tips,my blog has been ran with some security measures,but i discovered that he never hacked me but he reported my BLOG to facebook,it did not end there,he went ahead to threaten that he will deny me access to facebook,well i got a message from facebook about his report.

Now i have BLOCKED him and as well started my own cyber war on him,lets know who will back Down,i  respect people,but when am right,done dare me.
I may look tiny,but my type are not easily defeated.
Am waiting for Covenant to show his ethical hacking skill


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