Graphic Photos : Man Stripped Naked In Ohafia For Raping and Killing A Virgin


By Anthony Dike oham

He was reported to have raped a lady and killed her near a river in Amaekpu Ohafia, Abia State Nigeria.

This crime has left people into wondering what could make a man rape a Virgin Lady and still her at the spot.

The Victim was Identified  as Aunty Felicia

Meanwhile some of the questions that need urgent answers from people that were able to make findings as regards to this ugly incident are:
*How old is the Lady
*Did the Lady actually die while she was being raped?
*How many people saw the man raping the Lady?
*How are we sure the Lady and the man did not agree mutually before having sex. *Did he tear the Lady’s cloth?
*Was he armed when he raped the Lady?

However as we all know, there are many sides of the story. It may not be a misconception if one posit the man is sick in the head or it wasn’t an ordinary rape, meaning he might have succumbed to charm used on him by his enemies.
No one can tell, but crime is crime!

We awaits reports/comments especially from you all that know the story from A to Z.


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