Bende Federal Constituency: We are not Asking For Too Much By Promise Uzoma Okoro


While other Federal Constituency are feeling the impact of Quality Representation,the Good People of Bende Federal Constituency between 2007 and 2017 can not boast of quality Representation by our Lawmaker Hon Nnenna Elendu Ukeje who was elected in the House of Representatives in 2007.

Bende Federal Constituency,one of the Biggest Federal Constituency in Landmass and Population has been left at the shadow of itself by our own Sister Hon Nnenna Ukeje.

In 2014,we tried to raise some questions,but some ethnic biggots called it attempt to ridicule our own before the World.

As a Bende Federal Constituent,permit me to let you know that Since 2007 we Elected Hon Nnenna Elendu Ukeje through the PPA into the Federal House of Representatives,the people of Bende has never felt any of her Representation.

Nnenna Elendu Ukeje from Alayi popularly known as Ada Bende has abandoned Representing her People into Oversea Trips.

One of the issues wth her Representation is that she doesn’t believe in her People,She doesn’t believe in her Constituents.

There are Hundreds of Qualified Graduates from Alayi and Bende in General,how many of them have this our Sister assisted in getting Federal Appointments or even given a Recommendation Letter.

Instead of assisting her people,our own Sister surrounded herself with People from Anambra,she appointed Anambra Youths as her Personal Advisers,Special Advisers etc,while there are capable youths who can function well in that capacity.

Hon. Nnnena Elendu Ukeje is not accessible,her Phone only rings during Electioneering Period.

Nnenna who is the Chairperson, House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs was not elected to Represent Abuja,but to Represent the good People of Bende.

In Alayi where she comes from,there is no Stable Electricity,No Pipe Borne Water,the only means Youths Survie in Alayi is by riding Okada

Few Years ago,she claimed to have built Lock Up Shops at the Alayi Market,but an eye witness account of the ugly state of Alayi Market can neutralize that Lie.

Our silent can no longer help matters,Bende Federal
Constituency is crying for Representation.

Although it has been rumored that after completing her Third Term,she wont Re-Contest again,but she can use One Year to put smile on the faces of Bende People.

To be Continued..

Promise Uzoma Okoro angrily wrote from Alayi in Bende LGA Abia State


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