2019 and Bende North State Constituency by Promise Uzoma Okoro


2019 and Bende North State Constituency

It is no longer a Secret News that Chief Gabriel Okereke Elendu the current Chairman of Bende Local Government Area is interested and has concluded plans to Contest the Primaries of PDP for Bende North State Constituency.

Gabriel Elendu was no where near Bende not until 2016 when his name was smuggled by his Sister Nnenna Elendu Ukeje as the Chairmanship candidate of the PDP in the December 2016 Chairmanship election for Bende Local Government Area.

I do not hold any grudge against the 2019 Ambition of Chief Gabriel Okereke because he is constitutionally empowered to vie for any Office but my worry is the current Political onslaught against perceived nominees of those he see as setback to his Dream.

Just lastweek the Chairman dissolved the Supervisory Councillors and some Political appointees in Bende Local Government Area where he openly told them that majority of them where nominated by his Political enemies and needed to go.

All the Political appointees perceived to be recommended and nominated by Rt Hon Dr Cosmos Ndukwe the Deputy Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly and Lawmaker Representing Bende North State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly has been removed by Chief Gabriel Okereke.

An elected Chairman has a tenure of 2years and by December 2018,the Tenure of all the Elected Local Government Chairmen In Abia State will expire.

A Local Government Chairmen is not empowered by the Constitution to remain in office while seeking another Office,it is then Honourable to ask The Chairman of Bende Local Government Area Chief Gabriel Okereke Elendu to resign and pursue his 2019 bid.

If there is one State Constituency that has enjoyed the beauty of Representation, that is Bende North to which I am also a Constituent and The Deputy Speaker of The Abia State House of Assembly Rt Hon Cosmos Ndukwe has done well and deserve more than a Second term in office.

Why we await the rumblings of some of these Political Parties,we have decided to take our Destiny in our own Hands.

Promise Uzoma Okoro wrote from Alayi


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