Nnenna Ukejeh’s Fertilizer Show of Shame by Joseph Ejindu


We should not be cajoled into gullible entities with the deceit distribution of fertilizer by Nnenna Elendu Ukeje, we are in a civilized era with digital politics not analog. Don’t question other candidates for not distributing deceitful fertilizer as part of campaign because they are yet to be elected to represent us even they do, it will be more appreciated than Nnenna Elendu Ukeje who have being clueless colossal failure, representing us inefficiently over eleven years.

Politicians of stomach infrastructure ask yourself what she has archived, ask yourself where is our constituency allowance, where is our ecological fund she receives every month and how many state and federal government project she has attracted to her own village Alayi let alone her entire constituency? I can’t never be deceived by Nnenna Ukeje hoax fertilizer distribution because is part of our money she is currently squandering also part of social responsibilities as right of our people. I can never be part of eulogizers or sycophants and praise singers when our corrupt leaders bring out little thing and share to us out of billions of naira stolen from us. Over three years Nnenna Ukeje has disappeared, immediately she was reelected she was no where to be found, 2019 is around the corner she has reappeared will her deceit fertilizer.

We will never accept such hoax and political hypocritical gesture.

Joseph Ejindu


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