My Boyfriend Has Never Banged Me Before, We Are Practicing Biblical Courtship ─Tv Presenter Efia Odo


Popular Ghanaian female Television Personality, Efia Odo has claimed her boyfriend has not been banging her even though they k!ss deeply ─Can someone tell Efia Odo to tell that bullsh*t to the birds of the air?

Efia Odo, a self-acclaimed born-again Christian said she and her boyfriend are practising courtship until he takes her to the altar at the right time.

Speaking during an interview on the “After Hours” show with the host Micky Osei Berko aka Master Richard, the controversial TV presenter shockingly disclosed that they’ve not been banging themselves ever since they started dating.

“My boyfriend and I are celibates, we practice celibacy. We kiss passionately but we are celibates. Before I met him, I was a celibate. He is Celibate with me”, she told Micky Osei Berko.




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