Open Letter To Governor Okezie Ikpeazu,You Were Betrayed By Your Party Leaders in Bende LGA.



“The trouble with conspiracies is that they rot internally.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

My Governor and the Equity Governor of Abia State,let me begin this Open letter by First Of All Congratulating you for the Victory Recorded at last Saturday’s Governorship Election in Abia State.

As One Of Your Foot Soldiers in the Social Media,I put in all my Best,Risk My Life, endangered my Journalism Carear,went to my Village in Alayi to Campaign and mobilize Support for your Victory.

Your Excellency, You will recall that few Months ago,I carried an Investigation into the Conspiracy in Bende Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) Especially in Bende North otherwise known as Umunna,in some of these occasions, I mentioned Names of those involved including your Serving Commissioners against all odds, threat to Deal with Me or Sue me to Court didn’t deter Me because the interest of my People were paramount to ME.

At a Point,I was accused of being Sponsored by someone which was a very fat lie because anyone who knows me will indeed attest to the fact that I stand with the truth at all Times.

Your Excellency, during the Saturdays Governorship Election, Party Leaders Including Serving Commissioners, Former Chairmen and Advisers took the Monies meant for PDP Agents, Canvassers etc with the intimidation that they were Leaders of the PDP in their Various Unit and Wards,but unfortunately, they used this money to Mobilize Votes against Your Re-election and that of Cosmos Ndukwe.

More Worrisome is that these People were holding Secret Meetings with the Leader of the All Progressive Congress in Abia State Dr Orji Uzor Kalu where the plot and Conspiracy were hatched.

I am Pained that Your Party Leaders in Bende North could place their Personal Interest above Collective Interest,Collect Election Money from the PDP and still use it against their own Party,starved their own Party Agents of Funding to pave way for the Victory of the APC.

Sir,Most of these people are angry simply because of the Position of Transition Committee Chairman,Commissioners e.t.c,but their Conspiracy has now affected everyone one of them,unless they defect to the APC.

Chima Anyaso and Cosmos Ndukwe may not feel the impact of their Conspiracy,but some of these people depend on Local Political Position for Survival.

Painfully to Note that PDP Leaders in Bende were buying Votes for all APC Candidates.

Lastly My Governor,Before You Appoint any Bende North Politician into any Position,Please Demand for their Unit and Ward Results,it is only when this Process is Followed that you will Discover the Household Enemies.

I Remain Your Son,

Promise Uzoma Okoro(PUO)


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