Alex Otti believes in running others down and portraying himself as a saint – A concerned Abian Moses Ayodele Orji examines Otti.

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It has become necessary to examine all the candidates jostling for the governorship of Abia State. And I have chosen to begin with Dr. Alex Otti. I must confess right away that I strongly disapprove of his candidacy for the following reasons:

1. Alex Otti believes in running others down and portraying himself as a saint. Is Alex Otti a saint?. The son of a local pastor who got a job in a bank. Since quitting his job, he has contested two governorship elections, and is heavily financing his third bid… all from his previous salaries? And you believe he is clean, … that he is not part of the ugly sides of our politicians who siphoned money through deals with bank executives? My quarrel is that he claims to be a saint, others are fraudsters. Over to your conscience.

2. Alex Otti is highly self-opinionated. Dr. Otti does not believe he could ever be wrong. This air of superiority has reduced him to a dictator at heart, waiting to unleash his true self when power fall into his palms. Check out the audacity of insisting he is an Ngwa man, and therefore cannot use anybody from Ukwa as his deputy. All he wants is to win election. It doesn’t bother him whether there will be peace or crisis afterwards.

3. Alex Otti is actually the one playing the ethnic cards. Telling his audience that Governor Ikpeazu has refused to pay pensioners who are non-indigene speaks to his divide and conquer mindset. His tactics for success has remained to incite the Aba population against the Ngwa man. Of course pensioners are being owned in Abia State across all the divides, but the pension challenge is a national one plaguing 34 out of 36 states in Nigeria. But Otti will tell you he holds the magic wand.

4. Alex Otti is inwardly dishonest.
A check through the documents he filed with INEC as a candidate reveals that Dr. Otti did not mention the fact that he ever worked with Diamond Bank. What is Otti trying to hide? Could it be true that Otti really destroyed the bank (founded by our Igbo brother, Pascal Dozie) by granting dubious loans to himself and his cronies and depositing toxic collaterals? The truth is gradually coming out. Otti should fill the column for previous work experience/employment.

5. Otti lives a profligate lifestyle.
Dr. Alex Otti has a mansion in Victoria Isaland Lagos-purely residential; he has another at Abuja; another in Port Harcourt; another at Arochukwu; another at Umuru (Isiala Ngwa). We are talking of palatial homes tastefully furnished with choice furniture and other facilities meant for barons and lords. Then add all these to his homes abroad. What a waste of resources. He travels around with private chattered aircrafts. Someone close to him told me that Otti spends over $250,000 (equivalent of N150, million), every month to pay domestic staff, pay for flights and pay for personal security. There is nothing wrong with all these if he was not seeking public office. But this kind of wasteful and expensive lifestyle naturally distances him from the common man. We do not live in the same world with him, and this is evident in his behavior. Those who have worked closely with Otti can testify.

Check out all those who had previously had one thing or the other to do with Otti, and tell me which one of them ever came back looking in his direction again.

6. Otti does not have any soft spot for the Ngwa man.
And this is the core danger. For the years Dr. Otti was in the banking industry, he did not employ or empower anybody from Umuru, Umuehim, or Umuguru (his most proximate neighbors in Isialangwa), and even beyond in Ngwa land.
Yet he employed over 105 persons (graduates) from Arochukwu Local Government alone and a few Aro-folks from Arongwa. Charity must begin at home. Yes, and from there spread to other people. This Arocentric mindset will not augur well for the development of Abia State.

7. Dr. Otti is not fair minded.
Prior to 2015, Dr. Otti has been voting at Arochukwu. He had actually registered at Arochukwu. But because he wanted to be governor, and seeing that there is sympathy for the governorship seat to move to old Aba zone (Ukwa la Ngwa) Otti also moved, and transferred his voting location to Isiala Ngwa, claiming to be an Ngwa man. The question is this: Can the Otti I know tolerate this crass audacity if an Aroman were to be so supplanted? This very issue speaks to his personality, his morality and his sensitivity or lack of them. This effrontery should warn some of my aggrieved Ngwa brothers about the man they have chosen to embrace. Am not here to judge them. I know that some of them are justifiably aggrieved. I also know that there are opportunistic scavengers in their midst, without any sense of history.

Alex Otti’s ambition will cause instability and crises in Abia State. I therefore urge the people of my state, including the people of Arochukwu to reject Dr. Alex Otti at the polls. It is the right decision we all must make in the interest of peace and for the security and collective well being of our dear state, Abia.

We will not succumb to the dubious messianic propaganda of a man with a hidden mission whose lavish lifestyle calls to question his sense of accountability, source of wealth, as well as his philosophy of life.

(A concerned Abian)

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