For the Kano Court Verdict. Alex Otti will appeal the judgement but!!

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Labour Party Governorship Candidate will appeal the judgement of yesterday’s Federal High Court Ruling in Kano, anybody that is telling you the that verdict is inconsequential is lying and is taking caution to the wind.

Mr Otti will appeal against the verdict, interestingly the political parties in Abia state will now join in the case as interested parties because court is not a father Christmas.

Section 77 of the electoral act, makes it clear that a political party must submit it’s register to INEC atleast 30 days to the Primary.

Legal Luminary, Ebun Olu Adegboruwa (SAN) in his memo interpreted the whole section to the understanding of all and sundry. Now the question to Labour Party should be was their primary election properly conducted? Was it organised according to the electoral act? When did Dr Otti joined Labour party from APC? Was his name both in the Labour Party register and as well as APC register? This is what he should prove to the court.
@⁨Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa (SAN⁩) : ” Peter Obi is not the candidate of LP :

According to Section 77 (2&3) of the electoral act 2022, Peter Obi is not a member of Labour party. As a result,he is not qualified to contest the February 25,2023 presidential election. Section 77 (2) says every political party must have/maintain a register of its member in soft and hard copy. 77(3) says each party SHALL MAKE THAT REGISTER AVAILABLE TO INEC NOT LATER THAN 30 DAYS BEFORE THE DATE FIXED FOR PRIMARIES, CONGRESSES OR CONVENTION. PDP screened all presidential candidates on April 29th,2022. Peter Obi participated in that screening and was cleared. Obi even displayed his provisional clearance on social media. He resigned from PDP on Thursday May 26th,2022 to join Labour party on April 27th,2022. Labour party conducted her presidential primary on May 30th, 2022 and it produced Obi after Prof. Pat Utomi voluntary withdrawal for Obi.
According to the section 77(3), Labour party ought to have submitted the party register to INEC 30 days before the presidential primary. By calculation, 30 days to May,30th,2022 was April 30,2022. As at April 30th,2022 when labour party had submitted the party register to INEC, Peter Obi was a member of PDP. So, Obi name was not part of those in the party comprehensive register that was submitted to INEC. The question is, can a candidate who is not a valid member of a political party contest for presidential election? Can a political party nominate non member to participate in presidential election? The tribunal will be of fireworks and shall be interesting in days to come.”

To those planning to protest against the court verdict, I’m asking for what reason are you going to protest.


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