Stop Committing Fraud with our Name – Assemblies of God Warns Paul Emeka‎

Paul Emeka
The Leadership of Assemblies of God Nigeria on Monday cautioned its suspended Former General Superintendent, Rev. Paul Emeka against allegedly using the Church’s name to defraud members of the public.
This is also as the Church has vowed to eject the cleric from its official quarters in Enugu.
Ever since the Supreme Court judgement which ousted Emeka, he has continued to occupy the Church’s official quarters for the General Superintendent located at No 8 Link Road Independence Layout Enugu.
However, in a press statement signed b the General Secretary Rev Dr Godwin Amaowoh,the Church warned Emeka not to construe its meekness for weakness.
It said the warning became unavoidable amidst ceaseless reports that the suspended Church leader was seeking for funds from Church members in the South-South region under the guise that he wants to use same to force the Church out of its secretariat in Enugu.
“We are once more constrained to speak on the matter concerning the suspended and ex-communicated former General Superintendent of our Church, Rev. Paul Emeka.
“Latest reports before the Church indicates that he was presently deceiving some church members into raising a N30m fund for him, under the guise of using same to fight his way back into the Assemblies of God National secretariat here in Enugu.
“May we first of all urge the members of the public not to allow itself to be fall into this kind of gullibility. The issues affecting Paul Emeka has since been laid to rest by the Supreme Court and, therefore, cannot be resurrected by anybody, least of all Emeka himself.
“On this note, any money he collects under the pretense of using same to fight his way back into the Church’s secretariat is nothing but fraudulent and should be discountenanced. We urge our people to avoid the temptation of entering ‘one chance’ vehicle.
“On the part of Rev. Emeka, may we caution him once more to stop from any form of illegality with the name of the Assemblies of God Church. He should not mistake our meekness for weakness.
“The Church is not unaware that he is still occupying its properties, even after the apex court in the order has given judgment to the contrary. May we, therefore, inform him that time had come for him to be thrown out of the Church’s official quarters. He may have to find elsewhere, from where he will continue with his illegality.
“For him to go around the country, seeking for N30Million to facilitate his take-over of the Church’s Secretariat is high distasteful. He is going around boasting that with the N30m and his connections in the police,Army his connection in the presidency, he will forcefully take over the secretariat.
“He has also turned himself into a “copy-cat”,to such extent that he replicates every programme of the church as part of his endless efforts to deceive members of the Public,The latest of such is the Church’s annual Convention ‘PENIEL 2017’ billed for the Evangel Camp Okpoto.He has quickly and unashamedly fixed a make-belief Convention at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu”
“While we advise him to wake-up from his dream and unrealistic ambition, we warn him that the Church will no longer fold its arms and watch its name being dragged to the mud. What he is undertaking presently is a gun-point ambition. He should pack his bags and baggages and get ready to vacate our property”, the statement read. ‎


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