No Force Can STOP a Man Whose Time For Victory has Come

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Men and Bethren,while i was radiating in the realm of the spirit last night,the Spirit of the Lord opened my eyes to the deepness of this world.
When your time for favor has come,nothing can stop it. God does not use your past to determine your future.

In this month of April,i stand in agreement with your faith to declare as a young man who has the divine mandate to speak meaning into peoples life to declare that in this NEW month of April that God shall suprise your with abundant blessings that no man can contend.
When God told moses to go and deliver his people,Moses replied God complaining about his inability to speak very well,God replied him go forth because i shall suprise you,i declare in this new month that the God that changed the story of Joseph,jabez,jephtah and even Gen.Buhari of Nigeria shall suprise you in this new Month.
This month is your set time for celebration,rejoice because your time celebration has come

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