Senate Presidency: Shame of the South East

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By: Sunday Akoji

As Senator David Mark and Senator Ike Ekwerenmadu Takes Their Seat As Ranking Floor Members:
I just heard with one ear that the APC has won a majority in the Senate with 60 Senators elect and still counting.

This has no doubt altered the political equation and dynamics of the Senate where both incumbent Senate President and his Deputy won reelection back to the Red Chamber.
Who is going to be the next Senate President since the PDP do not have the numbers to return David Mark and Ike Ekwerenmadu as Senate President and Deputy Senate President?

We take a look at the political dynamics of the next Republic and make informed speculations.
With the President coming from Katsina in the North West and Vice President coming from the Ondo state in the South West, the Senate President will likely emerge from either:

Unfortunately looking at the political map of the South East, they do not have any elected Senator from the APC. They voted overwhelmingly for the PDP. Well you cannot work in Zenith Bank and be receiving salary in Aso Loans and Savings Community Bank. The South East cannot produce the next Senate President or Deputy Senate President! Take that to the bank.

The South South voted PDP SAK! Apart from Edo State where 1 APC Senator emerged, one can conclude that there are no Senator elected on the platform of the APC from the South South.
From the North East we have a massive harvest of Senators voted on the platform of the APC. Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim a third term Senator from Yobe state and the most senior ranking Senator from the North East may be the joker here.

The North Central region is another joker where the position can be zoned to. Here the likely forces in contention are Senator George Akume, a three term Senator from Benue and Bukola Saraki, a two term Senator from Kwara state.

From the look of things, the North Central and North East will produce the next Senate President and Deputy Senate President.
The South South and South East lost out COMPLETELY. This is what you get when you don’t gauge the political barometer very well in National politics.
That’s just the way it is………

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