The Downfall of the Most Loved President

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By: Promise Uzoma Okoro

March 31st 2015,was a day Dr.Goodluck Jonathan will never forget in a hurry,it was a day that the people spoke wholely with their votes,it was a day that darkness left light,it was a day the peasant masses in Nigeria said no to corruption.

Yes it is painful conceding defeat to a Northern Leader,but we have no other option considering the continuous hobnobbing of the out-going President of Nigeria Dr.Goodluck Jonathan with convicted and corrupt public holders in Nigeria,the President seemed unperturbed with the continuous cry oof the people against men like T.A Orji of Abia state,Obanikoro of Lagos,Buruji of Ogun et al.

When Nigeria elected Goodluck Jonathan in 2011,it was with our wholeheart but few years after the President allowed his wife,few others to lead him in a wrong path. I remembered the former president Obasanjo telling Jonathan that he will be destroyed by those he surrounded himself with,people like Nyesom Wike who betrayed his former Boss,but the President hardened his hearts to the words of those where there before him,so unfortunate that Dr.Jonathan ended in a shameful manner,what an irreparable loss to the South.

When he was adviced to caution the wife Mrs Faka Jonathan against the continous abuse of the office of First Lady by calling the North fools,by calling Buhari Brain Dead,when he was adviced by Obasanjo to make peace with Amaechi,Mr.Jonathan ignored the call but went ahead to work with those who contributed to his downfall…oh what a disgrace.

One of the lesson’s i have learnt from Jonathan defeat is that those who made you can destroy you as well,it was Obasanjo that made Jonathan and Obasanjo contributed to destroy him,when his aides called Obasanjo a tout,Mr. Jonathan never reprimanded them,you cannot point a gun at a General without shooting it,Today Mr.Goodluck Jonathan has gone down in history as the First sitting President who was ousted out of power through a democratic means,today history beckons on Jonathan as the First President who the masses openly Rejected without fear.

I stated it that when the dusk is dawn People like Asari Dokubo,Ayo Fayose,Obanikoro,Nyesom Wike,T.A Orji,among others who adviced him wrongly will be the first set of people to desert him and yesterday it happened when Ayo Fayose without waiting for the final result to rush and congratulate Gen.Akindele Okechukwu Mohammed Buhari on his victory.

The advice of his wife Faka Jonathan to stone any one who shouts CHANGE might be applied for any one who shouts POWER in any part of Nigeria because the measure you used for others shall be used for you as well.
It pains me so much,but in Governance there is no sympathy and continuity for failure,am happy the out-Going President has accepted Defeat in Good Faith.

Promise Uzoma Okoro

Blogger,Provocative P.R manager and Social Media critic

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