Abia Decides: A choice Between “Change” and “Consolidation

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By: Promise Uzoma Okoro

I was present at the Mater Dei catholic church,which was the Venue for the Abia 2015 Governorship Debate held on the 31sth January 2015. Personally as an Online Journalist,i was allowed access into the main venue at exactly 11.am although without any tag unlike some party faithfuls of the four major party that were invited who were not allowed entrance due to inability to secure the entrance Tags.

Now lets go,i listened to the Four leading contestant in the race to Abia Government House  and i can summarize them with one simple sentence. The first Person that spoke on during the debate was the APC candidate,let me outline them Below.

Nyerere Anyim of the APC: ” I managed the Rochas Foundation for years with a credible record,i shall use same to manage Abia State if Elected”

Alex Oti of APGA: ” I was the M.D of Diamond Bank and left credible record,the first thing i will do is to create the Ministry of Aba to sanitize the City due to its pitiable stage”

Chikwe Udensi of the PPA ; ” I was the Secretary General of ALGON,an organisation that had 774 Local Government,i managed it very well,so i believe that i shall bring same expertise in Abia state if Elected”

Okezie Ikpeazu of the PDP:  ” What Abians call (Agboro Boys) is what other states call Road Management Agents,i shall work with them (Agboro Boys) in my Governement. Secondly i shall consolidate on the Legacy Projects of Governor T.A Orji if Elected”

The above summation was what the various candidates justlin to take over from the Out-going Governor of Abia state and the Senator elect for Abia Central Chief. Theodore Orji,while the mantra of the other three candidates of the PPA,APC and APGA showed change,the mantra of the PDP flag bearer Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu was Consolidation and Equity in concomitant with the excuse that Abia South has never Produced Governor since the creation of Abia state in 1991.

Abia State today is rated as one of the worst and most dirtiest state in Nigeria under the watchful eyes of the PDP led Federal Government,Abians cried,Aba people mourned,but the out-going president of Nigeria took our tears for granted,today he has been voted out of power marking the End of corrupt and wicked rulership both in Nigeria and in Abia state.

Abia state is one of the states in Nigeria that change is also expected to occur,except the People of Abia State says otherwise. The out-going Governor ruled Abia state with a Wicked mind,no response to the plight of the PDP,and yet he was fast to solely bring a successor when it was clear that the people of Abia state were tired of the PDP.

April 11th to me is Judgement Day between “Change” and Consolidation . If Abians vote Change,then sanitation might be in force in the state but if we Vote Consolidation then the Legacies of the outgoing Governor will be the priority,and you know what the Legacies are.
Any mistake  the Abia electorate make come next week Saturday,they may Live to Regret it.

Choose Between Change and Consolidation.

Promise Uzoma Okoro

Blogger,Online Journalist and a Political Analyst
Follow me on Twitter @Puouzoma

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