If Alex Oti is Ready to Get it Right By:Promise Uzoma Okoro

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By:Promise Uzoma Okoro

As a Political and Social Writter,i can relay a message that most persons may not have known,that message is one of the ethics of Politics. The message is simple”In the game of politics,it is very disastrous for a political party to field its opponent as a candidate” If you doubt me check what happened to AD of Tinibu in 2003 when his party adopted PDP of Obasanjo as a candidate.

Alex Oti was a former member of the PDP before he left barely a week to the parties Primaries in the state,he emerged the winner of the primary election held at Lakewood Hotel Aba,and after the PDP rigged Uche Ogah of the masters energy out through a compromised election,Abians opted for Alex Oti as their Choice.

Although Chikwe Udensi of the PPA has been constructing roads in Aba,but in terms of popularity within and outside Abia state,Dr.Alex Oti stands a better chance. But there are things that his attention must be drawn to.

Efforts by the Present Government to incite the people against him has all failed,severally he has been directly attacked by thugs suspected to have been sent by the PDP,but in all those attacks he has shown commitment to his cause,which is becoming Abia State Governor come May 29th 2015.

Now PUO, have to make my observation known to him and the APGA campaign team ,that i felt disappointed last Saturday over the outcome of the results announced by the REC in Abia state,my anger however does not borther on the fact that APGA never won the elections of the Senate and House of Reps,but my anger was that there were little or no Agents of APGA stationed in all the Poling Units accross the 17 L.G.A in Abia state.

Since the PDP has been defeated at the center,the coast is now very clear for change because the average Abia man is not interested in Consolidation of a failed Government,but we need change of Government,if really Alex Oti is determined to take over from the Ibeku Family,then  he must restrategise now or forget his change mantra.

If Abians come out en mass to Vote for Oti and APGA,the same people also expect that their Votes are protected and APGA agents ensure they monitor the whole process because change has come to Nigeria and Abia State has been shouting change even before Jonathan was ousted out from Power by change agents.
Dr. Alex Oti,the ball is now in your court,score a goal and win,or dribble and loose the match.

Promise Uzoma Okoro

PoliticalBlogger,Social Media Critic

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