Anyone that thinks I belong to cult should prove it – Peterside, Rivers APC governorship candidate

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How do you react to claims in some quarters that you were once a member of a cult group?

I challenge anybody born of a woman; anybody on earth to show proof. I have never in my lifetime joined any cult group; not as a student, not after graduation and I have absolutely no need to. I am a born-again Christian and everybody knows that I fear God and I don’t profess God for nothing.

I have a track record of the fear of God and integrity. I believe that mischief is becoming a characteristic of Rivers politics but I am confident that Rivers people will be able to separate mischief makers from those who are saying things that are factual. This allegation is strange, but I know that nobody who knows me will take it seriously.

Rivers people are discerning; they know those in the race who are Ogboni and those who are true Christians. The people know our antecedents and I am sure, I am very hopeful, very optimistic that given the opportunity anytime, any day, Rivers people will make a choice that best represents their interest and who they are.

You were in Okrika when violence broke out and suddenly you disappeared, we did not see you. How were you able to leave the scene?

I was in Okrika as you said and what happened in Okrika is unfortunate. Worst still, the trend has not stopped. After the Okrika incident, several of our rallies have been attacked. Recently in Port Harcourt, we had a ward rally and after the rally, at about 2.20pm, I got information that our members were attacked and six of them were wounded while several cars were destroyed. This happened on Saturday, the 28th of February. It is most unfortunate.

The orgy of political violence in Rivers State is becoming unbearable. It is not a trend that will do anybody any good. We must all rise up and stop this political violence. I was at the National School Field in Okrika and we started hearing sporadic gunshots. We were very calm and trying to identify where the gunshots were coming from. We noticed that the gunshots were coming from the Okrika Cemetery. The security men attached to me insisted that I must move. They had to literally whisk me away and put me in a vehicle and took me away out of Okrika and after some time, I reconnected with members of Greater Together Campaign Organisation. We later addressed a press conference, drawing the world’s attention to the incident in Okrika.

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