Abia Decides: And they Masses Say….Change


By: Promise Uzoma Okoro

Barely 6days to the Governorship election in Abia state,critical media observers as active as PUO will believe with me that Jonathan’s defeat has worsen the camp of the PDP and the OKEZUOABIA campaign team. Before now the gingles in the media team of PDP has been hate,incitement and consolidation,but after Gen.Okechukwu Buhari’s declaration as the authentic winner of the keenly contested general election in Nigeria’s history,the game changed for PDP in Abia State.

The out-going Governor of Abia state,Cheif T.A Orji ruled Abia state with a wicked and evil policies since his purported liberation from what he termed “Mamacracy “in 2010. Abians kept faith with him,but he turned around to be a thorn in our flesh,same measures Nigerians gave GEJ by voting him back to otueke will be the same measure we shall use to pay T.A Orji and his cohorts back by voting against his anointed messiah.

There is no single Abian,except those who joined hands with the wicked to milk the resources of Abia State dry,that will give the PDP a single Vote,we cried to the Federal Government last year when his name(T.A ORJI) was submitted as one of the receivers of the 2014 National award,but yet we were taken for granted,thanks to my fellow change agents who stood in the social media to ensure a smooth payback to a failed President and the PDP.

Abians have ,before the ousting of the out going otueke man, spoken with one voice for a change. But the inability of the godfather of failure and corruption to return back to power really vindicated the peasant masses of Abia State. Although the same wicked men and women who contributed to the plight of Abians still used the same security to intimidate Abians and rigging the just concluded National Assemble election in Abia State,but i dont really blame them because it is dangerous to adopt your opponent as a candidate in the field of Politics,so APGA plotted their failure before the National Assembly elections.

August 2015 will make Abia state 24 good years,but the people of the state are still clamouring for good road,electricity and quality education.Any Abian advocating for equity or its Ngwa turn mentality should be pitied because that was the dubious trick the out-going governor used in snatching the Senatorial Ticket of the PDP from Abia Central,it didnt end there, he went further to push for his son(Chinedu Orji) to pioneer the Abia State House of Assembly,it didn’t end there as well,his wife Mrs.Odochi Orji has been mapped out as commisioner of Finance if eventually their stooge scales through,which i know can only be possible in the Zoo and not in Abia State.
In democracy,power belongs to the people and not to some few elites parading as elders with wicked Agenda.

Promise Uzoma Okoro

Political Blogger,Social Media Critic


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