Ijaws: “How Do We Spit On Ameachi”

Written By Julius Diamond

I write this article in the voice of an apoplectic and bewailing Ijaw son. Truely, From year 2014 to March 2015 I have never felt the sadness I felt on the 1st of April 2015. I have felt sad because I am an Ijaw son.

Living here in Abuja I have felt the warmness of having our own in the helm of affairs: Not that I benefited financially, neither did I benefit politically. But I can’t deny the joy, the popularity of the Ijaws as a small ethnic group piloting the affairs of a great country as Nigeria; the touch of development and Peace it has brought to the Niger Deltans, the feelings of being recognized and respected by other major ethnic groups.
But all these has been abruptly and unceremoniously taken away from us because of some individual with selfish ambitions. It is good they know that I am happy today because I have left the sadness behind. And I must as well inform them that no matter the amount of confessions and apology they make: The Ijaws will not forgive them. If they ever want our forgiveness then they should in like manners as Judas Ischariot commit suicide by hanging to show their remorsefulness.
Without such; April 11, 2015 is our turn to do the needful to spit on Rotimi Ameachi and Dakuku Peterside. I don’t care how it may sound in the ears of another Ijaw man. Because from my earlier articles; I have received messages informing me that “HALF BREAD IS BETTER THAN NONE”. Please at this point the Ijaw man will prefer NONE.
If Dakuku as an Ijaw Man Could Join Ameachi To Betray GEJ, I Too As An Ijaw Son Can Join Nyesom Wike To Win Dakuku Peterside. No offense. After which I confess and apologise.
I have also recieved messages that at last Rotimi Ameachi will go home to joy that finally power has remained in the hands of his Ikwerre brother: I do not regret, and I don’t care: All I care is the fact that a lose by Dakuku Peterside is a spit on Ameachi, and hopefully HISTORY will not let it go off her memory forever.
Please Governor Nyesom Wike: I call you Governor because I know you can win Dakuku Peterside For me. And I beg you if My VOTE is what you need to help you win my Ijaw brother (Dakuku Peterside) for betraying our Ijaw son (GEJ), then I GIVE YOU MY VOTE, and I know that many other Ijaw sons and daughters – be they in KOWA, AD, APGA, LABOUR, EFCC, NAFDAC, ICPC, NNPC, APC, in Rivers State will VOTE for you to spit Rotimi Ameachi.
Finally, I do not preach a message of tooth for tat, but a message of tooth for a head: It is not a message of an eye for an eye, but a message of an eye for two eyes. Because at the end; I want us to hit Ameachi so had that none of his candidate will win in the Rivers State House of Assembly com 11th April 2015.


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