Guys truly shared money – Cossy


Controversial actress, Cossy Orjiakor, speaks on why she is not campaigning for any politician, TUNDE AJAJA writes

What are your thoughts about the presidential election that held last week?

The election was fair, and I really admire the way President Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat without any problem. If he hadn’t done that or if the Peoples Democratic Party had won, maybe there could have been violence. I love the way he called Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to congratulate him. That was nice of him. The president-elect has been there before, and now that he is coming back, much is expected from him. So, it is okay.

Why did you stay away when other celebrities were campaigning for politicians?

I don’t go after politicians. I just want the best for myself and the community I live in. That’s all I want. Where I live, we the residents wrote a letter to an aspirant in our area, complaining about our drainage. And the head of our community said we should vote for him and that the man would fix the drainage for us. Now, we have voted for him and he has won, I hope we will see him again.

We are just hoping he would come and do the drainage for us because the roads are very bad, especially during the rainy season. I want development where I live. That is what affects me as an individual. We keep hoping these politicians would do something, but they have not lived up to that expectation. I don’t see myself running after such people.


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