Election Rigging: Chinedu Orji, Charless Ogbonna and Abia INEC Sealed The Deal To Rig Saturday April 11th Election


The information leaked to us discloses that Abia INEC with some unscrupulous elements in Abia PDP have sealed the deal to use thugs,  fake ballot papers and fake result sheets to rig April 11 election in favor of PDP.

Those fingered are Abia resident INEC commissioner and  Chinedu Orji who is PDP Candidate  vying for House of Assembly  with a sly agenda of becoming Abia State assembly speaker. Others are Chief Charles Ogbonna, Col. Austin Akobundu rtd the minister of state defense, Senator Emma Nwaka, Navy Captain Christopher Osondu rtd and Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu  the controversial PDP governorship candidate.

It was gathered that they used the same method of circulating fake result sheets and fake ballot apapers aided by INEC officers to rig the kangaroo senatorial election which dubiously  declare Gov. T.A Orji and other PDP candidates winners of the election.

The March 28 senatorial election results have been questionable considering that Abians have rejected Gov. Orji and his cliques as the governor lost election even in his polling units.

For the interest of all, the law enforcement agents should mobilize their men for immediate search of the Houses of the following plotters, Chinedu Orji the son of Gov. Orji, Chief Charles Ogbonna the Deputy Chief of staff to the governor, Chief Austin Akobudu the newly appointed Minister of state for defense.

An eye witness saw them offloading this election materials with Abia state government vehicle. On Friday evening they should keep eye on the House of Senator Emma Nwaka the interim Abia PDP chairman and Christopher Osondu from Isukwuato.

Other contestants from different parties should be on alert and proactive by resisting every attempt from PDP to manipulate the April 11 Election. They should go to INEC office and collect original specimen of result sheet and ballot papers to be circulated for their agents to know when they are being cheated.

The conducts of march 28th senatorial and house of rep elections diminishes trust on Abia INEC officers who have been doing PDP bidding.

 In order to abort a similar repetition, candidates should monitors INEC links with PDP candidates.  A repetition of rigging in Abia State can throw the state into chaos because angry voters can start rioting if INEC should  concur to the rigging of the election.

President Goodluck has said that since he couldn’t rig election for himself, he would not support any form of rigging from anybody.

Abia voters should note the presidential comment and follow up their votes to the later to avoid the repetition of the charade that took place during senatorial election on March 28.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Kingsley Uzondu writes in from Umuahia.


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