Men who think I’m gay ask me out –Daniel K. Daniel

Budding actor cum model, Daniel K. Daniel tells Saturday Beats why he got into the movie industry
Last year, you won two awards including Best of Nollywood award in the Revelation of the Year category, how do you feel that you are being recognised in the industry so early?

I was surprised and shocked when I was given the awards. Recognition means that people are watching you. I am not the only one who just came into the industry. But the fact that I was singled out and was even nominated was great. I didn’t expect it. I was even in a category that had other actors who were more popular than I am. I felt good.
People before you are still making waves; do you think you would one day get to their level let alone surpass them?
I have always believed that the sky is big enough for all the stars to shine. We don’t have half as many movie stars that we have in Hollywood and all of them manage to shine and make their money and make an impact. I believe we can make our contributions. Who said the person there would need to give way for Daniel. K. Daniel? Who said I would not come up and join the stars? There is no reason we all can’t celebrate.
Most people believe that male models get into homosexuality…
I was very young when I got into modelling and I didn’t know that part of life. I hear about it now. I even hear gossip about myself. Some say I am becoming too successful and I may have joined the growing list of gay actors who got into it to become successful. I just laugh when I hear this and I ignore such talk.


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