Don’t vote until you see result sheets, Amaechi tells APC members


GOVERNOR Chibuike Amaechi has warned that members of his All Progressive Congress,  APC will not vote in th e Saturday’s election  if they do not see result sheets at polling centres.
The governor spoke Thursday in Port Harcourt at a stakeholders meeting

“We will not vote if we don’t see the result sheets. Ask the INEC officials for the result sheets. If they fail to produce it,  then form a human ring round the INEC officials and together with the security men escort the ad-hoc staff to the local government headquarters and lodge your complains. But make sure nobody votes in any unit that cannot produce the original result sheets. We will not accept photocopies”.
“We will do what we do in our village: we call it the Obima formula. Our youths usually lock down the village. No one comes in and no one goes out. I am pleading that INEC should not endanger the lives of its staff by holding on to the original result sheets.”.
“Don’t allow any INEC official to leave your unit or your village if he or she fails to do the right thing. This time nobody will write fake results and go scot free.  Don’t allow voting to commence until you see the result sheet. And also ensure that the results of your units are announced and pasted by the INEC officials before they leave”, he said.
The governor also said he had assurances from security agencies that adequate security arrangment had been put in place to secure lives and properties during and after the elections.



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