Facebook Friends mourn Oronto Douglas


The news of the Presidential aide flittered in this morning,it was reported he died in U.S.A of cancer infection. One of his close friend and PUO’S facebook friend wrote this in respect to the late billionaire

He was My Best Friend for Many Years, I can’t Stop Crying, I feared that this Day would Come, but i just Never Accepted it and not this soon. He Believed so Much in Me more than I believe in My self, All the friends I ever had in this World, he was the BEST of them all, the Only Person Who would Go out of his way to Promote and Protect Me at every given time, he spoke so highly of Me, and introduced My Magazine to the President and all who mattered to him and I enjoyed great Patronage and Approval, he recommended Me for National Honours, if I ask him for 100 favours he would grant 101, he Gave Me many Jobs, Souvenirs for big events and when I say it’s too big for me to handle he would say, don’t underestimate Ur self, He motivated Me a lot, one Great Advice he gave to me is, Always Prepare for 10-20years ahead, he says, what ever you write, say or do today, if confronted with it in 20 years time let it not be something that wound sink You, Let Ur words and deeds remain Strong and Good so dat no matter d position U find Ur self in 20 years from Now, those words will still stand Strong. He said to Me, he was A patient teacher, listener and Adviser, and even after I joined APC an Opposition Party, he still Said to Me, only if you are truly Convinced that that is where you want to be, he did not Stop being Protective, he still advised Me

Culled From Ibifuro Thompson Tatua’s Facebook Wall


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