BREAKING: T.A Orji will see our Nakedness,Aba women threatens –PUO


Barely few hours to the governorship election in Abia State,not few than 200 Aba women has threatened to protest naked to Government house umuahia should the current government in Abia state under the watch of Governor T.a Orji attempt rigging tomorrows Governorship election in the state.

From the opinion sampled in Ariaria market today by Promise Uzoma Okoro,all was clear that the people of Abia state are not ready to allow the PDP candidate scale through the poll,one of the women who her name simply as Mercy Ibekwe,a custard distributor said that her mind is made up already and the issue of voting PDP has sinced been a concluded case,because she will never cast her vote for the party,Mrs Mercy showed PUO how bad the roads leading to the market has negatively affected the traders.

Another woman who says biscuit in same line said there is no going back on voting out PDP in Abia state because since the past 7yrs,the PDP government in the state ruled them like cows.
PUO reports that during the last concluded Presidential and National Assembly Poll in the state,women had taken to the streets of Aba and umuahia protesting the rigging of the National Assembly Poll.

From the result of the opinion sampled by PUO,the PDP may not have it so easy should the Governorship election be rigged


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