JUST IN: Uche Ogah Urges his supporters to Vote For PDP in Abia State -PUO


The President of Master’s energy Group Dr.Uche Ogah has urged his supporters across the state to vote massively for the PDP in the governorship election,PUO reports that Dr.Ogah’s call for the support of PDP in Abia state was hint on his believed of victory through the Judiciary.

According to a statement made available to PUO by his special Assistant Mr.Demian Ifeanyi Igbokwe,Dr Ogah gave reasons for his his decision which hinted on his conviction that Ikpeazu who is with the PDP flag will be sacked by the law court.

The statement obtained by PUO Reads”I am certain that the outcome of these matter will be to my favour. I urge all my supporters to vote PDP on the gubernatorial election by 11 Saturday of this month. I also appeal to all Abians to exercise a crisis/violent free election by this Saturday.
When you cast your vote,make sure it’s counted and forms dully signed at the collation center,while you go with your copy to avoid rigging your votes.

I know it will be difficult for lots of Abians that has supported me this far,but be certain,God won’t let us down.
Vote PDP for the Governorship.
A vote for the PDP on the governorship is a vote for Dr. Uche Ogah.
I will reclaim my mandate He Stated”

It will be recalled that Dr.Ogah was rigged out during the PDP primaries held last December at the Umuahiia Township Stadium,Ogah has since then remained silent but seriously fighting his case through the law court.

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