How I killed my husband on election day –Pregnant Onyinyechi


Fresh facts have emerged on the tragic incident that occurred in Ejigbo area of Lagos during the March 28 elec­tions, when a woman was alleged to have stabbed her husband to death over disagreement on which of the two presidential can­didates the couple should vote for.As widely reported in the media, neighbors of the couple in the 81 Military Zone junction, Ejigbo, said that the victim, Akunne Abuchi, was a strong supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan while Onyinyechi, his 29-year-old wife and suspect was said to be a staunch supporter of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Major General Muhammadu Bu­hari(retd)
. Their differing views allegedly degenerated into a fight and led to the stabbing of the victim, Akunne.

The suspect who spoke with Sunday Sun at the Panti Street headquarters of the State Crim­inal Investigation Department, Lagos State Police Command, revealed that she unintention­ally killed her husband and in self-defence.

Onyinyechi who is pregnant said on the fateful day, she be­came very hungry after waiting for some time for the arrival of officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission for the accreditation of voters to begin.

Her words: “That day we were outside but later on” I started feeling very hungry and decided to go inside to cook soup, because the previous day, I bought okro. After a while, he came into the room and just sat beside me. I saw that he was sweating profusely and when I asked what was wrong with him, he didn’t answer me. I was disturbed about his mood and the look on his face. When I moved closer, I saw that he was holding the chart for Baba Ijebu ( a popular lotto game).

“Instantly, I knew he had just lost a game again. Immediately, I told him that I didn’t like the way he was wasting money, playing Baba Ijebu. Before I could finish my comment, he slapped me. At first, I kept quiet and merely asked why he always quarreled with me over every minor issue.

“It was as if what I said infuriated him the more. He pounced on me and started beating me. He pushed me against the fan, threw the crayfish at me and hit my body against the wall. Still, I did not do anything because I never knew what would happen. He went ahead to hold me firmly by the neck that I couldn’t breathe very well again. He took the knife I was using to cut okro and was going to stab me . So, I held his hand and applied pressure on it. You see, he had an injury on his right hand and had been ‘managing’ his left hand. The very moment he took the knife, my mind told me he was going to kill me immedi­ately.

“While trying to defend my­self from being stabbed, I held him firmly and accidentally the knife went into his chest and I saw blood gushing out. Im­mediately, I said to him, “See, there is blood, there is blood” and he replied, “Yes, that is what I want, that is what I want.” When I realized that the blood was gushing out so much from his chest, I ran out to raise the alarm and call neighbours.”

When asked if her late hus­band was probably under the influence of alcohol that day, Onyinyechi said: “The thing happened so suddenly and fast too, and I couldn’t even tell whether he was drunk or not, although he drinks. He often takes beer or Macdowell.”

Onyinyechi, an indigene of Anambra State met Akunne Abuchi for the first time in 2012 at Romeo and Juliet, a popular eatery located close to the secretariat of Ejigbo Local Council Development Area. Following that initial con­tact, their relationship waxed stronger and culminated in their wedding later that year.

Life seems to have suddenly turned awry for Onyinechi, who is currently undergoing interrogation in police custody. The difficult and uncomfortable environment of the regular po­lice cell now threatens her preg­nancy. On this score, she said: “I have been having feverish feelings and all kinds of pains all over my body. Since I got here, I have not been feeling the movement of the baby in my womb again.”

Onyinyechi’s younger broth­er, Sunday, who lives in Lagos also spoke with Sunday Sun and complained that Akunne’s family has not be keeping him informed on the progress being made at the police station on the matter .

Commenting on his sister’s relationship with her husband, particularly on the issue of maltreatment, Sunday said: “I can remember one certain night that she called to say that her husband was beating her. I told her to calm down. The next day when I called to find out what happened, she said I should not worry because they had settled their differences. This happened late last year and from what I know, the man did not touch her again till we heard of this tragic incident.”

Meanwhile, Onyinyechi’s father, uncle and other members of the immediate family have gone to visit and commiserate with the family of Akunne in Anambra State. Sunday said his family was reassured that the matter would be resolved am­icably as Onyinyechi was not known to be a violent person.

Akunne worked in Anambra State before coming to Lagos to join his wife. Once he settled down, Akunne teamed up with his brother to set up a business as wholesalers of flute eyelash­es. But before long, Akunne and his brother fell apart over money, and the brother decided not to work with him. Like fish cast out of water, life instantly became worse for him, but he started working for another distant relation and owner of Kaso Gardens, a bar situated at Powerline area of Iyana-Ejigbo. Working in the area afforded him opportunity to drink.

Neighbours of the couple who spoke to Sunday Sun last week, said that, at no point in time did they ever witness the couple fight or argue. Accord­ing to them, they had never heard them raise voices at each other.

But Onyinyechi and Sunday debunked this claim and said that the couple had actually fought a number of times. The suspect is the third child of her parents who have nine chil­dren in all, while late Akunne Abuchi was the first son of his parents, and had six siblings.


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