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In my bid to bring up my fellow youths and ache them up with the current media in the world,i have carved out my time to teach people across Nigeria what Blogging is all about and how to become a Blogger. It doesn’t require a certificate,it doesn’t require computer literacy,all required is your few hours to listen and learn it.

Millions of people all over the world are embracing Blogging as the fastest means of information desimination,come to Nigeria you can forget the Name Linda Ikeji,Bella Naija,PUO, Chukwudi Iwuchukwu,Miss Petite and a host of others who i may not remember their names.
No matter the state you are in Nigeria, you can join millions and make money from Google Adsense and other thousands marketting sites.

The cost is what you can afford,i slashed it to 20,000 naira because i want you to come up,no body has monopoly of the internet,i will teach you how to use Blogging and make Money even while still doing your current Job,for those who are unemployed,this can be an opportunity to come up,am a young youth who wants you all to know what i have known so far.
Just one Day is ENOUGH for me to teach you and you start blogging your way to fame and fortune.

Now What is Blogging?

Each and every skill you need to run and manage a Blog is called blogging. Blogging includes Skills Like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Writing, Editing and Publishing Posts, Designing and Maintaining the Design of your Website, etc.

You need to learn every skill to be a Blogger like You should be a good writer to write lot of Unique and Quality content for your website. You should be a good Search Engine Optimizer to Optimize your blog according to rules and regulations set by Search engines.
You Need to be a Social Media Marketer and Optimizer to influence your websites or blogs with social media Power which is very strong these days. It is true that you can hire Experts or freelancers for each job but you will need a lot of money for doing that, so rely on yourself and learn each and every skill slowly so that you could become a Good Blogger.

On what Topic Blogs are Made?
Blogs can be created on any topic in which you are expert. Let’s suppose you are expert in coffee-making you should start a Coffee blog. Or if you are expert in Search Engine Optimization you should start an SEO blog where you will share tips for better Search Engine Optimization to help people to do Better SEO of their websites or Blogs.

Blogs are often made on topics like Political News and Political Topics, Sports, Web design, Blogging Tips, Technology Gadgets, etc. I’ll recommend you to make a Blog on topic you are expert in. In nigeria Linda is ranked as the number one Entertainment News Blogger,for me PUO am a Political News Blogger,so there are many categories

Is Investment needed to Make a Blog?

Whenever you start a new Business you need to invest some money, Same case here that you need to invest money if you want to start a Blog for making money from it, I recommene Blogger which is same thing am using because it will be difficult for hackers to hack you,unlike other paid sites where internet enemies can easily hack you.So the little money you Invest to start is All you Need.

How Can i Make Money from Blogging.?

There are Thousands of ways to make money with a Blog, I am going to Present some of them here, I’ll explain others in my later post:
Contextual Advertising:
Contextual advertising is a way of advertising which is used to target ads to specific keywords. Going deeper, Actually these ads are picked up by an automated system after identifying the keywords on web page. Google Adsense and many others use this method of Advertising and you can attest to people who post information on social media Groups like Facebook and add a link to their site,even me PUO does same,because its in a bid to gather traffic to my blog,so that as they visit they can click on those contextual Ads on the Blog.
Direct Advertising:
You can also Sell your Blog’s space to Advertisers Directly, for doing this you should display a banner having “Advertise Here” text in it so that Advertiser should contact you and pay you to display his ad on your blog.
The Price of Advertising depends upon the Advertisement size, traffic and niche of your blog or website. Some people really earn too much using direct advertising like Problogger.
Text Link Advertising:
There are many other networks who allow to show their advertisements in Text Links, You just have to signup to those networks and Paste the snippet code to your blog’s HTML area.
These Link Ads work in the way that they are controlled by a system which recognizes the keywords in the text and places a link in that keyword, Whenever user hovers his cursor on that keyword that advertisement pops out and when ever user clicks it Publisher or Blogger gets Money.
There are many Text Link Advertising Companies, I have tested Text Link Ads and Infolinks But this way of advertising is not so much good.

Interested,then let PUO add to your success story,call now and book a date with Me anywhere in Nigeria

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“Am determine to help you make it through the social Media”.


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