BREAKING NEWS: Game OVER For Ikpeazu,Alex Oti will Emerge Winner of Abia Election


Solomon Jesse said: “The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; He who watches his way preserves his life. Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling. It is better to be humble in spirit with the lowly Than to divide the spoil with the proud  – Proverbs 16:17-19”

The is a similar with the case of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu and his controversial governorship contest who went about celebrating before the announcement of the authentic result because he felt that their dirty deals have finally came to pass but the God of Abians, the Jehovah of Abians that ruleth the affairs of men proves himself to be God.  The pride of Okezie goes before his failure.

Abians can  now see that Okezie is just a pretender whose supporters were parading him to be humble and test of his fake victory has exposed his arrogance. Have you  ever seen any candidate who goes about the streets with his supporters  chanting victory songs when official result has not been announced? The negative implication is too bad but thank God there is no big riot ensue when INEC later declares the election “NO WINNER” because of rigging and other irregularities.

What did really transpired someone may asked?

We can authoritatively and exclusively report that immediately after INEC declares Abia result ‘NO Winner”, a call made across to Ikpeazu catches him crying on phone in a loud voice like a baby;  signs of  regrets, frustration and failure we confirmed.

We gathered that Presidency has hand in stopping  Prof. Chukwuma Ozumba the collation officer of Abia state from announcing the PDP fake and over rigged or inflated results. The presidency was attracted by the cries of Abians calling INEC and the spread of the irregularities on TVs and social medias.

The Presidency questions why Gov. T.A Orji should desperately proceed to collation center even he the presidency could not do it during the presidential election. Thanks to the presidency who harasses Gov. Orji on phone and ordered Mr. Olisa Metuh out of Abia State with immediate effect which made Metuh zooms off to Imo state. Now rigging might be totally impossible for PDP as they have exhausted all their rigging tactics since the presidency has asked the original votes of the masses to be used.

It was obvious that INEC told us that with the newly introduced card reader technology that election rigging is considerably impossible.

 But Abia PDP gangsters and master riggers were able to engage an influential officer from INEC who sold uncollected PVCs to Gov.T.A Orji and his PDP riggers, the officer name withheld also helped them  projected it to match the card readers and were distributed specially to each LGA.

It was these  bought PVCs that they used in masterminding rigging that inflated the numbers of votes that made the chief beneficiary Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu to be celebrating before official announcement while his facebookers keep posting, it ended up with praises lol.

That was also what led the skyrockets results of the 3 questionable LGAs to get to 40 thousands which they couldn’t vote during presidential election.  To show that Gov. Orji is very selfish, he is after rigging his senatorial election and his puppet Ikpeazu election without garnering vote for President Goodluck.

Yes it will end up in praises to our God and for the benefits of Abians because God has heard our cries.  Gov. Orji puppet has finally failed in Abia and soon Otti will announce the winner of the election, thereafter you will understand the relevant our reports.

Recall that Abia PDP led by Gov. Orji accuses Otti of buying PVCs, that was when they bought PVCs, they use the accusation to deceive the masses should in case the seller exposes them later, yes they can close every openings or leakages but ask them whether they can close heaven from seeing them.

On Friday night news break by Chuks Digits that PDP was thumb printing sheets before the election, it is truth and more information reveals where they did all the thumb printings.

 In Umuahia; was thumbed in the house of Okebalama aka Akin board, former Umuahia North LGA deputy chairman address at Umuobasi off Bende Road.

Bende LGA was in Nkporo village in Ubibia Bende led by one Mr Goddy a former TC counsellor.  In Ohofia in the house of Mr Eme kalunta at Okagwo. The remaining Osisioma and Obigwa, others were thumbed in Ibom Ibeku particullarly but yet to uncover whose residence and address.

They did all these rigging, still they failed because the time for godly change has come for Abians.  We have to reveal to Abian that Okezie Ikpeazu cannot make it again because their master riggers failed and it is God working for Abians. Abians should know that their plots have failed. We are really following them up and very ready to expose any of their dirty moves except they will do it in the spirit world even if they do our  prayers which we embark on is a spiritual matter and will catch them.

Trust TA Orji and co, they are experts in ringing! it took the manipulation of Mr Eme Kalunta, Hon Ude Oko Chukwu-Abia speaker and others, when they brougth the result that excess votes were observed. it took them 5 hour to rewrite  yet they were exposed.

At Bende the youths really tried, they resisted the  efforts of Mr Goddy and Youth Corper who hail from the same vilage with the PDP guber candidate Okezie Ikpeazu  which led to asking the corps to leave the community immediately, then the youths accompanied the bus that brought them to Bende Police station that how they failed in Bende. The youth copper was specially assigned in Bende LGA to help them aid the rigging but he failed.

After the election was declared ‘No Winner”  Gov. T.A. Orji acting like Pharaoh who will not let Abia people go also initiated another secret meeting with Prof. Chukwuma Ozumba the collation officer of Abia state by 2 am but the meeting couldn’t hold because Prof Chukwuma insists that his hands are tied and he can’t do anything to influence the election in favor of PDP.

Our correspondents were secretly monitoring their movements in order to know what would be the outcome of the meeting if it holds or their alternative reinforcement as  they see Ikpeazu weeping furiously like a baby while his running mate Hon Ude Oko Chukwu was there singing him lullaby encouraging him to cheer up that it never over until it is over.

One of the things Abians and general public must know is that even though PDP has assigned their candidate questionable and inflated vote advantages over APGA, the reality as the time of filling this report is that the Presidency is not happy with T.A. Orji going to the collation center and asks professor Chukwuma the collation officer of Abia state to drop the fake results which is the major reason why Ikpeazu was crying like a baby.

There is greater tendency that APGA will WIN Abia guber election. There is assurance that the vote of the people will triumph over rigging. Abians indeed need change and Digits tabloid is there to be giving you special and exclusive reports concerning Abia election.

Don’t forget that it exposed the early thumb printings of Friday midnight before the election, now is “what really transpired “. We are encouraging supporters of free and fair election to continue to follow Chuks Digits, Promise Uzoma Blogs, Igwe Sammuel Obinna,  Abia Facts Newspapers, Abia Awakening and freely releasing crucial information for us to expose to the general public.

It is the Lords doing and it will truly ends with praise and Abians shall be the one to celebrate. Lets us not be tired, together we will get victory over tyranny  because “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small, proverb 24:10”.

Chuks Digits writes from Umuahia.


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