Abia Guber: War Between Oid Bende and Ukwa-Ngwa

“You cannot beat Abians,and tell them not to cry”
I have before now washed my hands off the political
sitaution in Abia state and Nigeria in General,but truth be told,as a writter
my hands are itching because Democracy would have been buried on Sunday by men
who has ruled our dear state of Abia with evil and wicked Mind,without having
mercy on the peasant masses who make up the proletariat class in political

Elections took place in several states across Nigeria,but
seems Abia state was far to democracy and the liberty to choose their Governor,incase
you may  or dont know,the sitting
governor in Bauch and Niger states respectively were given the best response by
the people of the state when their stooges were massively voted against by the
Chief.T.A Orji is seriously taken Abians for granted,and it’s
it high time the bitter truth be told,the incoming general is not Goodluck
Jonathan that gave him a National award in recognition of his failed Leadership
in Abia state,Chief Orji should be reminded that the people can revolt against
him violently or peacefully as the situation permits,because there is a limit
to what a captive can endure,and Abians can no longer allow Chief.Orji to
continue with his Global failed Leadership.
What,who could advice the out-going governor  to storm the INEC collation center and summon
the Resident Electoral Commissioner,who in return upturned the cancellation of
three L.G.A’s it had cancelled? ChieSf T.A Orji impunity has gotten to a stage
Abians tell him enough is enough,he broke record as the only governor that
stormed INEC collation center with his Ukwa-Ngwa gangs of Sen.Abaribe,Chief
Ugochukwu Onyema,Chief Akobundu and the Anambra born liar parading himself as
PDP National Publicity Secretary. One question still left unanswerred is what
was Olisah Metuh doing in Abia state? Dont forget it was same Olisa Metuh that
reversed the decison of PDP screening commitee that barred Ikuku from
contesting its Primaries..well another day,i will finger that case.
As far as am concerned ,who governs Abia state is now a war
between the Old Bende and Ukwa-Ngwa,if not for the intervention of
RT.Gen.Ihejirika,Orji Uzor Kalu,Uche Ogah and some prominent men who stormed
umuahia on Monday,maybe by now Okezie Ikpeazu would have had his way.
The problem Okezie Ikpeazu is facing is called genetic
problem,the gene that is bringing him forward is a rejected gene,Alex Oti is
not the messiah,but at this juncture he is the tool we can use to unseat the
malfeasance of the Ibeku family.
It is a laughable thing that those who wrote the results
from Obingwa and Isialangwa were uninformed to know, that you cannot bring
result above the total number of PVC collected,but they went as far as cooking
up figures were election did not hold.
The ordinary Abian in the street is Ready to stand and
ensure that PDP is taught a great lesson,that power belongs to the
People,Because you cannot beat a child and tell him to shut up.
Promise Uzoma Okoro

Blogger and Social Militant


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