Breath Of Fresh AIR in Ahoada East,As Lawmaker Builds 200 Capacity Hall for Okporowo Community


The Lawmaker Representing Ahoada East Constituency 2 in the Rivers State House of Assembly Hon. Ehie Edison has set a pace for other 31 Lawmakers,as he has succesfully completed a 200 Capacity Hall in Okporowo Community,Ahoada East Local Government Area Rivers State.

Hon. Ehie Edison who was a one time National President of the National Union Of Rivers State Students(NURSS) and the National Youth Leader of the GrassRoots Development Initiative(GDI) before his election into the Rivers State House Of Assembly at the April 11th State Assembly Elections in Rivers State has the support of his People.

The P‎eople of Upata kingdom under the umbrella of Upata Patriotic Assembly(UPA)‎has also commended the lawmaker over  the construction of 200 capacity hall with full modern facilities in Okporowo community.‎

‎The Leader of the group,Chief Innocent Banigo,during a thank you visit to the Lawmaker pointed out that since the inception of democratic rule in 1999 no member of the Rivers State House of Assembly has done what Hon.Edison Ehie has done within 3months in office,adding that the most significant thing about the project was that it has never happened where a House of Assembly member used  his salary to embark on such a gigantic project within 3months in office,calling the development a breathe of fresh air in Upata kingdom.

‎Chief Banigo noted that Upata kingdom‎ is witnessing the beginning of a new dawn ‎where service delivery is pursued with renewed vigour by the lawmaker.He noted that the lawmaker has the political will to make life better for Upata kingdom through qualitative representation at the State Assembly.He,however congratulated the lawmaker for his victory at the polls and p‎ledged their support for him.

‎The group noted that they will continue to identify with success,an icon of hope,a rallying point,a God fearing man,courageous,fearless,intelligent,principled and Ekpeye born politician,saying we are very much proud of you.
‎He Maintained that the lawmaker is a man with an extra-ordinary passion for the upliftment of his p‎eople,and described him as a gift to Upata kingdom‎.

‎The lawmaker while thanking the group for their visit  promised to think Upata‎ first,assuring them that he will bring development to their doorsteps,adding that no Upata‎ son or daughter will regret voting for him.
‎The Lawmaker noted that his mission is to rebuild Upata into a virile, strong and united where the p‎eople are creative, innovative, responsive, accountable,patriotic and diligent.

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   Chief Ehie said: “We shall dedicate ourselves to the ideals of resilience, integrity, excellence, standards, goodwill, accountability, good governance, patriotism and productivity. The time has now come for all hands to be on deck to work assiduously towards a new improved, recharged and productive Upata‎.
“The hope of self reliance and self confidence that we are capable of accepting the challenges of Upata building by practically demonstrating that given the appropriate opportunities, we can be as efficient and effective as any kingdom anywhere in the world”.‎

“I wish to commend the usual great resilience of our people and the speed at which they woke up from slumber to respond to the realities of our time. Given the right political leadership and judicious management of human and material resources the Upata‎ of our dream can still be attained.

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“This is the onerous task that my representation has taken upon itself and we shall not rest on our oars in the quest to achieve this objective. All I need is your support, patience, loyalty, patriotism and perseverance.”‎The Upataborn politician however called on the people of Upata kingdom to continue to support the State Government in her quest to transform the State to an enviable height,adding that the Governor of the State is determined to tackle the issue of development and unemployment .He noted that within the shortest period in office the Governor has demonstrated full capacity in making Rivers State New again.


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