DRAMA In Abia Tribunal As Holy Spirit Attacks PDP’s Witness in Live Sitting


The House of Assembly tribunal case between Sdyney and Chinedum Orji (Ikuku) became a confession ground for one of Ikuku’s witness.

The said witness started shouting HOLY SPIRIT is here, HOLY SPIRIT is here immediately after swearing with bible. He immediately said “I will confess, I will say the truth” and the multitude in court shouted back “Say the truth”.

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The witness started by saying “I was the Chinedum’s agent in my ward and during the counting of the casted votes, he got 4 votes before thugs came and hijacked the materials. He went on to say that he was given 2 million naira to come and testify.

At the end of his testimony, the judge ordered that security men escort to him home and make sure he is safe.

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Source: Abia Facts Newspaper


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