IKPEAZU Under FIRE After HIS CPS BANNED Journalists From Government House


The Abia state governor has come under heavy criticism following the decision of his chief Press Secretary, Godwin Adindu to throw about 14 journalists out of the government house Umuahia.
 Adindu had a fourth night ago, allegedly ordered the police at the government House Umuahia to dislodge about 14 Journalists who had been working as Government House Correspondents for more than 16yrs.

After initial denials, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor eventually admitted he issued the obnoxious order.

Following our report on this matter earlier on Tuesday, and the outrage that followed, Adindu quickly ran to Love FM 103 .9 to defend his actions.

Answering questions during the Current Affairs Programme: Abia Today on Love FM 103.9, Adindu told the anchor, Godpikin that he (Adindu) actually issued the order to dislodge the journalists, but said his action was in good faith. He said that he had observed that the journalists constituted themselves into nuisance in the government house, when, according to him, most of them had little or No platforms.

Adindu’s mere excuse was that he was trying to remove ‘quack’ Journalist. However, our investigations revealed that some of those banished by Adindu actually played a pivotal role during the elections, and some even work for few of the major print media outfits in the country.

What is most confusing now is why Mr.Adindu would embark on such a disastrous journey, pitting his boss, Governor Ikpeazu against journalists, particularly, online media practitioners in the state, knowing the pivotal role  this ‘fourth estate of the realm’ plays in the polity.

Although no comments have been made by Governor Ikpeazu over the deepening media enmity his Chief Press Secretary is creating for him, it is believed that the governor is very uncomfortable with his CPS’ unprofessional disposition to journalists in the state and, according to some of his close aides, the governor may already be shopping for a replacement.


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