Rivers Tribunal: Cross Examination of Dakuku’s Witnesses by Wike’s Lawyers


I sincerely want to apologise over my inability to bring the update since the First Witness stepped into the witness Box this week,but enjoy the 11th and 12th witnesses as the are being Cross examinedThe 11th and 12th Petitioners witness are Mr.Gbenekanu Mpigi from Tai Local Government Area and  Ojijiagwo Rustin  from Oyibo Local Government Area in Rivers State.

Take Not of the following abbreviations:

1stR=     1st Respondent which is  INEC

2ndR- second Respondent is PDP

3rdR- third Respondent IS Wike’s Lawyer.

PW= Petitioners Witness(The person testifying for Dakuku Peterside)

Judge= the Tribunal Judge

PW11  swearing to affirmation

1stR-what is your name?

PW-My names is Heavy Gbenekanu

1stR-Where do you live ?
PW11 – No4 Mpigi’s compound Tai LGA Rivers state

1stR-What do you do?
PW11- I am a business Man

1stRYou came to this registry to swear to your witness statement on 3 may 2015
PW11 – yes

1stR-When you see it will you identify it?
PW11 – yes

1stR-Will you adopt it as your witness statement?
PW11 – Yes

1stR – Did you hear of the result of your unit announced?
PW11 – No Sir

1stR-How many registered voters are  in your unit?
PW11 – I don’t know

1stR-Do you know the number of the petitioners vote and second respondent?
PW11 – I don’t know

1stR-RWhat’s your unit?
PW11 – 003

1stR-R-Because no material there was no manipulate in your unit?
PW11 – There was heavy electoral manipulation

Paragraph 148

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2ndR- Election was peaceful?
No inec material came to our unit

2ndR-Has APC won any election in your unit?
PW11 – This was the first time they both contested

2ndR-Did you take a census of how many persons that moved with you to APC from PDP?
PW11 – I don’t know

2ndR – You’re the younger brother of Bari Mpigi?
PW11 – Yes

3rdR-He contested election in to the HoR and lost?
PW11 – Yes,there was no election

3rdR-And he is a petitioner?
PW11 – yes

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3rdR-There was no victimisation, violence etc in your LGA?
PW11 – There was none

3rdR-There was no incident of hijacking of materials?
PW11 – no

3rdR-There was police and civil defence?
PW11 – there was none

3rdR-I put it to you ,election was done and results announced?
PW11 –  there was no election in my Ward

3rdR – When did you get to the polling unit?
PW11 – 6—12pm

3rdR-After 12noon where did you go to?
PW11 – At 12 noon I still remained in the polling unit

PW11 – We got a call the some of our friends and nysc adhoc staff where arrested and taken to mopol 19, I stayed till 5:30pm

3rdR-Did you go to ward collation centre?
PW11 – No

2rddR-At the polling units, what about other party agents ?
PW11 – They were there

Judge – Any re examination?

Petitioner –  No my lord.

Then for Petitioner’s Witness 12

Petitioner – Page 865,volume 3

PW12 – affirming in swearing

1stR-What’s your name?
PW12 –  Ojijiagwo Rustin

1stR-Where do you live?
PW12 – I live in Oyigbo

1stRWhat do you do?
PW12 –  I am a chemical engineer

You 1stR-deposed on the 3 may 2015,to give your witness statement?
PW12 – Yes

1stR-Can you identify it?
PW12 – yes

1stR-Do you adopt it as your witness statement?
PW12 – Yes

1stR – Was there unlawful allocation of votes in your ward?

2ndR-Did you see anybody thumb printing ballot paper?
PW12 – I did not see

2nd R-My lord I want to read paragraph 4

2ndR-Did you see thugs go to other units?
PW12 – I saw from my point of view

2ndR-There are 9 units in your ward?
PW12 – Yes

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2ndR-You saw the particulars corresponds with what you registered?
PW12 – yes

2ndR-Some other voters went through the same process?
PW12 – Yes

2ndR-Where you at the LGA final collation centre?
PW12 – Yes, by 3pm

2ndR-I put it to you sir,there where was peaceful election?
PW12 – Not at all

2ndR-Where they suppose to report to you or not?
PW12 – Yes

2ndR – What is  the job of collation agent?
PW12 – Supervise collation of results

3rdR-Did you participate in the final collation?
PW12 – No

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3rdR- Where you aware of impersonation?
PW12 –  yes, My uncle’s wife wore corper’s uniform

3RDR-Did you report the impersonation to the police?
PW12 –  I can’t report my uncle’s wife

3rdR- There was shooting?
PW12 – Yes

3RDR Do you know the figure of results in your ward?
PW12 – No

3rd R-I put it to you that elections took place,results announced and your party lost.
PW12 – we didn’t vote

3rdR – You had security agents in your unit?
PW12 – Couple of them without arms

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3rd R- Did you as ward agent file any written reports to the police?
PW12 – I didn’t because the police saw all that transpired

Judge –  Any cross examination

Petitioner – No my lord.

Cross Examination continues……

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