What it ‘ll take a man to win my heart –Rukky Sanda


Once upon a time the popu­lar sexist saying was ‘dumb and
blond’. However, with the inroads members of the fairer sex are making
in the post jet age, ‘brainy and blond’ should be the cliché.

However, welcome to the world of actress, producer and director,
Rukky Sanda, a lady charting a new course in a male dominated motion
picture industry. In just 10 years, the light skinned actress has carved
a place for herself releasing a record 17 movies!
In this chat, sexy Rukky opens up on her career and latest flick, Dark, which x-rays child mortality among other issues. She also talks about what it will take a man to conquer her heart.

You’d only featured in a couple of movies when you
suddenly branched into producing your own films. Why the rush into

It was a business decision because at that time, actresses were not
well paid. I decided to go into production because I’d always been a
business person. I think I was one of the first actresses who produced
her own films in Nollywood. I made my debut in 2004 and produced my
first movie in 2005. 10 years have rolled by ever since.
Tell us your challenges shooting your debut movie?
(Laughter) Some people are still owing me money for my first movie. In fact, one is still owing me N.8
million. He’s a fel­low producer I gave my master copy. He was supposed
to drop it off somewhere but he dubbed it behind my back and started
selling it to television stations. By the time I took the movie out,
everywhere I went people said they already had it. To this day, he’s not
been able to come up with the money (more laughter).
Why don’t you work with executive producers?
I was already doing business when I got into Nollywood. I mean, I
used to sell stuff so I had my own cash. And obviously mom supported me
with a loan which I later paid back. Starting out I wouldn’t say was
easy because as at 2005, N3 million was a lot of money. I’ m my
executive producer. It’s not like I don’t believe in executive producer
hunting but it is just not my thing.
Are you making money?
Yes of course; if I’m not making money I wouldn’t be here. It’s been a
blessing and an amazing experience, a mixed grill to be precise. We’ve
had serious issues with piracy and all of that stuff this year. I
actually said ‘Rukky, you’re not doing movies anymore!’ And then I
started focusing on my interior design business. But the truth is that
at the end of the day, I have scripts I have written which I want to
produce. It’s fun anyway but I don’t think I could ever quit producing
movies; I love it though it’s stressful.
Let’s talk about your movie, Dark, what inspired it?
I was actually writing Walls Within, a romantic comedy and
all of a sudden my creative juices dried up. I think I was in my room
and it was dark. I think that was how I came up with the title. When I
finished writing, I could barely see what I’d written because I was just
scribbling everywhere. It took me about another whole day to try and
figure out my own handwriting. Dark is something different. It’s actually not your regular Nollywood movie; it’s a thriller.
What does style mean to you?
It just means expressing yourself the way you want and being
comfortable in your own skin; it’s all about being com­fortable and
happy with yourself.
What fashion item would you never be caught wearing?
That’s anything that doesn’t look good on me.
What’s the highest amount you’ve ever spent on a pair of sunglasses?
I think about a thousand dollars
Are sunglasses what you invest on most in your wardrobe?
Bags are the most expensive things in the world apart from wristwatches and I love buying them.
Which actor would you like to kiss on a movie set?
Sherman Moore.
Have you ever had a crush on an ac­tor?
Yeah… Sherman Moore.
Have you ever had a lesbian pick on you?
No, they can’t hit. I don’t think I’m that approachable.
What’s your ideal kind of man?
A man who will win my heart must be an amazing person with a good
heart. He should be funny and nice because when I’m happy, everybody’s
Are wedding bells ringing for you any­time soon

Yes, very soon by God’s Grace.



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