OPINION: Ikpeazu: How Last Can Abian’s Continue To Carry? By: Promise Uzoma Okoro

 “Where are the 18.2
kilometres of Roads “? 

At a time when Abians where still trying to forget the worst electoral process since 1991 the state was created,another tragi-comic Government has stepped into the helm of affairs with Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu as the Pilot,it is a shameful thing that a government that came to power without stress,without spending a kobo,without hustling like other Top contenders like Dr.Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah and Dr.Alex Oti could begin its 100days in office with scam.

In June 1st 2015,while other state Governors were still smarting from their historic inauguration, the Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu immediately rushed to Aba and  commenced the construction of seven roads in the commercial, saying the roads with a total length of 18.2 kilometres would be delivered to mark his first 100 days in office.

Ndi Abia,have we entered the Popular Lagos Bus slogan”One Chance” or are we still waiting for another messiah? Ikpeazu who had prior to his inauguration, made known his intention to give Aba priority attention, has indeed up disappointing  Aba residents and Abians in general, who were eagerly waiting for a magic touch of the new governor who came to power with a dangerous campaign slogan”Okezuoabia”

During his unceremonious entrance to Aba, Ikpeazu named the roads slated for construction to include the 5.5km Ukwumango by Faulks road, Kamalu road, 1.5km; Ukaegbu road, 1.4km; Umuocham road, 1.7km; Old Express by Samek road, 6km; Umuola road, 1.4km, and the 700 metres Ehere road,the question in the mind of every Abians is what suddenly stopped the equity governor a.k.a Aba Boy from keeping to his Promise of completing the roads since May 29th 2015.

Apart from the stipends received from the NLNG,Abia state government since May 29th 2015 has borrowed more than 40Billion Naira,given completion of road projects as the main reason for sourcing such huge loans.But truth be told,Governor Okezie Ikpeazu did not complete even a Half Kilometer of road in Aba or any other part of the state within his 100days in Office.

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A Governor who declared publicly that  he was in a hurry to fix the dilapidated infrastructure in Aba is now lavishing the little resources Abians boast of in USA and other cities around the World for close to two weeks,one wonders what may have spoiled the mind of the Umuobiakwa Born Politicians whose emergence as the Governor of Abia state is still being challenged by a Top Contender to the Throne Dr.Alex Oti.

If actually the Abia State Governor Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu  was aware of the high expectations from his administration, he could not afford to travel with such a huge entourage at the expense of the poor tax Payers in Abia State.

After One hundred days in Office,the only achievements Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu could boast is the purported stopping of his excellency,and reinstatement of Non-indegent workers who were wrongly sacked by the immediate past administration which he(Ikpeazu)was a huge beneficiary and major contributor.

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A Government that has not done anything to clean up the tears in the eyes of the Abia state workers whose salaries has been witheld for almost 7Months,a government that has not completed any Projected since assumption of Office Last May is busy lavishing the little resources in another country on the excuse of bringing in Investors,it is a pity,that Abians may continue like this unless something Happens

Promise Uzoma Okoro,is the Publisher of PUO REPORTS,he wrote from Umuahia


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