T A Orji’s Secret Plans Uncovered,Abians Plan Massive Protest Against Him


For those who are wondering why the former governor Chief T A Orji, refused to call witnesses, they need not worry so much.
A concerned member of his inner team leaked his plans to AFN. Ochendo decided not to pursue his reply because of fear that his witnesses will turn around and testify against him. We were informed that when he found it difficult to get any trusted witness to appear for him , because all the witnesses called from Osisioma and other Ngwa area refused to testify for him.

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His lawyers discussed with him and gave him an option to use the weakness of the case presented by APGA while warning him of the consequences should the judges fail to agree to their objection since by not calling evidence, his reply is deemed abandoned. Ochendo was to assure the lawyers that he made contact with a retired Supreme Court judge of Yoruba extraction who has collected large sum of money to bribe both the tribunal and court of appeal.

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Our informant says that the tribunal has so far refused to be compromised. But this is not deterring the former Governor. He is confident that even if the panel rules against him , that the court of Appeal will reinstate him. The only concern is the security report that riots may occur in Abia should the panel rule in favour of Ochendo.
Meanwhile we have unconfirmed reports that The former Governor collects N400m every month out of the N750m monthly security vote of the governor. Our source insists that Ochendo collected N750m out of the bailout funds released last month, by insisting that the money was his security vote for May which he did not collect in addition for extra N250 m.
If this information is not correct, we challenge Governor Ikpeazu to come out and give account of the money released to the states by FGN.



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