Dakuku Vs WIKE: Today’s Tribunal Update (Sat)September 12 2015



Here it goes…

In ward 9, Unit 6 and 8 attempt was made by Hoodlum/ thugs to cart away materials,
But it was resisted by Adhoc staff,
But in Unit 2 card reader was snatched,
In ward 10 another card reader was removed,
In ward 8, Unit 1 , 3 and 5 original result sheet was snatched,
All this things happen in Gbolo,

And as it was happening, it started spreading, the police was Helpless,
I quickly contacted the military to report to the scene,
Me: why will he say Adhoc staff stopped Hoodlums,
Okey. Them will use this one and enter him very well,
Witness, at the sight of the military, the thugs started retreating,
Cos of The Tension, Adhoc staffs around der carried der materials and converged at a Place,
Cos of The intimidation,
Der was No gun shot oh, based on the prevailing circumstances, at Gbolo,
The EO one Mrs Comfort Uyeh, short down any further electoral activity,
And ordered all staffs to go back to INEC office, where they were able to take stock of what they gathered B4 The situation Exhumed,
What we gathered was that der might be a spill over effect to other areas, Based on That at about 1600hrs,
The Adhoc staffs started leaving the wards to come to the LGA HQ,
About 1800hrs, the entire LGA HQ was filled with most Adhoc staff,
It was der they were able to arrive at the figure they declared, 4 the assembly election,
And took the other figures to PHC,
By this time it was around 900hrs, on the 12th,
So in a Nut shell, the election was characterised by Intimidation, violence, harassment of staff, and could not give rise to smooth conduct of election,
Olujimi, My lord that will be all 4 The witness!
Cross examination on, not Interested in these DSS people,!!! Very weak presentations
I received a Signal @ my command to report @ Our HQ in Abuja, to witness on The Election activities in Rivers state,
Olujimi, why was it U they asked to come?
I was the officer who led a Team to cover Andoni, in Rivers state!
What day did U arrive Andoni, ?
I arrived on The 10th of April, around 1600hrs,
Olujimi, How many men were in Ur team?
Olujimi, Pls tell my lord what U did,?
I met my officer on ground after briefing I inter acted wit other officers,
We held a security meeting,
In the office of one Joseph Andrew, He was the EO
Towards 7pm on the 10th, we had report of some shooting in some wards in The LGA, precisely at Ajakaja, Deinma, Isiama and others,
We informed the JTF and relevant Agencies,
On The 11th due to difficulty of transportation materials arrived various wards at various Times,
Der after Accreditation started, Btw 10:15hrs,
After that Voting commenced about 13:30hours,
Shortly after Voting commenced we started receiving reports of Hijack of Electoral materials, by a Cult identified as Islanders,
Recorded in ward 1 Ngo,
Ward 2 Unyangala,

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In about 15mins it was Hijacked,
@Ward 6 Unyada, recorded intimidation of voters by same cult group,
To the point that they could not come out to vote,
Olujimi, pls who are these cult group working 4, ?
They were working 4 PDP from my findings, headed by Ephraim.
Same was recorded @ Asarama and Abukuma,
Also recorded snatching of materials, Btw Ngo JT and NGO market around, 15:30hrs, materials coming from Unit 10 ward 4,
At ikuru town ward 5, sporadic shooting by security operatives attached to Hon Tele Ikuru and chief Davies Ikanya,
The clash was as a Result of sudden disappearance of electoral materials for Unit 16 and 19,
Olujimi, what’s ur accessement of the entire election, ?
Voters where prevented from Coming out, in the cos of our monitoring, we also observed absence of Result sheets, in ward 4, 6, 7 and 9, also observed mal functioning of Card Readers, in Ward 4 6, 9, 10 and 11,
Manual accreditation was Carried out! There where no Counting of Votes, from our observations, no collation of results, der fore Violation of processes,
Accreditation was Done, except that it was Manual,
And elections violent,
Serious Tensions, in the LGA due to threats, even Adhoc staffs had to run 4 Safety,
Objection raised by all PdP inec and wike, that witness should not go into evaluation of Election,
Olujimi. Sat down and they vented der angers!
PDP lawyer, My lord I 4got This man is a DSS, honestly I Thought he is a Member of The APC,
Olujimi Back on his feet,
My lord that will be all 4 The Witness!
Court over rules objection to tender photographs of burnt RAC center and the individual that was killed.
Photos admitted as evidence and exhibit. Witness continues giving evidence
INEC lawyer cross examining witness. Asked him how many units there are in buguma
Witness answers and he is asked if he has any special military training since he said he tried to move around despite d shooting to which he said no
Witness asked what camera he took d shots with and he answers cannon
Negative given to witness to count d number of pics on negative. Witness replies he can not see them clearly
Asked if photos v date and he answered no
Asked if the photos were taken at d INEC office n he replies no but at KNC
Does any of ur photos show anything g abt KNC n he replies no but there are buildings of d school shown in pics
: Did d soldiers aid d boys n replies I can’t say so but the was presence of soldiers.
: Do u v voters card. Yes but I lost it on ft day
Do u v any form of identification wt u like drivers license? No but v my appointment letter.
: SAN Wali : record shows dt u were a caretaker committee member.
State ur full names. He just did n Wali puts it to him dt he is a card carrying member of APC to which he denies
Wali – u were an aid of Late Tonye Harry
WALI : U r a member of APC
WITNNESS : untrue
WALI : How many wards are covered by d super RAC center at KNC?
WITNNESS : 10wards
WALI : And u testify dt all materials at d RAC were burnt?
WALI : Was there accreditation in any of d wards in buguma-

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WALI : Did u report this gory story to any authority?
WITNNESS : With the circumstances it was impossible to so do
WALI : How were u contacted to come and give evidence?
WITNNESS : I was served a subpoena
WALI : When- 09/09/2015
WALI : U said u r an LGA collation agent so did u go to the INEC office on d 10th of April-
WITNNESS : I didn’t but I went to d INEC headquarters on d 10th
WALI : Did u see d shooters?
WITNNESS : No I didn’t
WALI :And when was d center burnt –
WITNNESS : I don’t know d exact time
WITNNESS :Sorry pls not late Tonye Harry but Otele Amachree
WALI: Why was it that of all things U choose a Camera, to go with!?
WITNNESS : Cos of the shameful act of march 28th 2015 presidential election,
[Okey WALI : You are a former Aide to Otelemaba Dan Amachree,?
WALI : You are a member of the APC, ?
WALI : You are a card carrying member of APC?
WALI : You are a Member of The Dakuku peterside Campaign vanguard, ?
I put it to U that ur a Card carrying member of APC,?
Ur Party Action Alliance, did they make any petition at this tribunal! ?
No my lord,

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Accreditation Took place in some wards Btw 1-10 of the wards, ?
WALI : The petitioners said accreditation took place in some wards,
WITNNESS : I don’t know where the petitioners got their findings and reports,
WALI : You went to INEC office on the 10th of April?
WITNNESS : I did not go,
WALI : You said U went to INEC HQ on the 10th of April, ?
WITNNESS : Yes, I went to INEC HQ not INEC Office,
WALI : You went there as LGA Agent, am I right?
WITNNESS : Yes, My lord,
WALI : Collation was to be done at LGA HQ on the 11th, am I correct?
WITNNESS : Yes, My lord you are Correct,
WALI : Was it your evidence that you were hearing gun shots?
WALI : You did not see the shooters, on the 10th Night? You did not see them, ?
WITNNESS : Yes, my lord
WALI : Now, this shooting at the super RAC, what time was it,?
WITNNESS : I don’t know exactly. I was not with my watch,
WALI : But you had a Camera?
WITNNESS : Yes, my lord,

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WALI : Let me call you by your name, that you used to serve as caretaker member and you used to serve Otelemaba Amachree,
WITNNESS : My lord, I have never been a Caretaker member,
I am not an Aide to Otelemaba
WALI : I put it to you that you are a liar
WITNNESS : I am not!

Oby Ndukwe reported Live from the Tribunal in Abuja

Cross examination of witness continuous on Monday,stay tuned to PUO REPORTS for updates on the Rivers State Election Petition Tribunal


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