PDP’s False Alarm: Time For Confession of Sin. By. Ferdinand Ekeoma.


It was the late Martin Luther King jnr . who once stated that “Nothing in the whole world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”
From all indications the post election trauma that has continued to ravage the Nigerian Yoke Masters in the name of PDP leaders has gotten to a level where prayers are needed to halt their hallucination before a well scripted falsehood becomes an acceptable truth, especially to the gullible.

A few days ago, the PDP through it’s Acting chairman Chief Uche Sekondus embarked on another voodoo voyage of dangerous deceit and distortion in a desperate attempt to survive the looming political Tsunami that is about to sweep them into the dustbin of political history through the election Tribunals when it mendaciously alleged that the APC led Federal Government was trying to influence the outcome of the governorship election matters in some states, including Abia.
While those of us in APGA, Abia state would not want to hold brief for the APC, it is pertinent to state that since the APC doesn’t have any impending suit at the Abia Governorship Tribunal, it is clear that the PDP’s mindless and ill conceived mischief is targeted at APGA and her candidate Dr. Alex Otti.
Before establishing if it is justifiable for the PDP to brand the present anti corruption drive of President Buhari a political prosecution, it’s critically important to do a little flash back on the recent past atrocities of the PDP against the Nigerian people as that would assist explain the competence or otherwise of these latter day apostles of Democracy, Due process, and the Rule of Law to raise such an alarm.
As a high ranking official of the PDP, Chief Sekondus and his allies were happy when his party literarily set Abia ablaze in their dangerous desperation to capture the state against the will of the people. They watched as their agents used the instruments of power to unleash psychological and physical mayhem on the people. They used state and federal radio stations to preach hate and threats against APGA and her candidate, they violently destroyed Dr. Alex Otti’s billboards on a daily basis in the most cruel and reckless manner without provocation, PDP unleashed thugs and other criminal elements who openly matched through the streets of Aba with machetes and guns while littering the city with caskets and coffins threatening innocent Abia voters who had audaciously rejected them(The Pictures of these anti democratic processions are still found online via google). The first assassination attempt on the life of the APGA Guber Candidate, Dr. Alex Otti was carried out in Ikwuano, the home town of the Minister of State for Defence Col. Austin Akobundu who was specifically appointed Minister so that he could violently stop Dr. Alex Otti, of course Dr. Otti dared and devoured him and his party as they were defeated in Ikwuano.
To ensure that Dr.Otti was humiliated in Isialangwa South LGA, PDP led thugs burnt down INEC office in the LGA when it was very clear that the APGA House of Assembly candidate there was cruising to victory. Just a few weeks ago, the same elements suspected to be PDP thugs stormed Obingwa LGA and burnt down the INEC office there a night before the materials used in the L.G.A were to be brought to the Tribunal Premises in Umuahia for inspection as directed by the Tribunal.
It’s on record that the then PDP led Federal Government didn’t raise any objection when former Governor T. A. Orji violently prevented the leadership of the APC and Gen. Mohammadu Buhari from gaining entrance into the Enyimba Township Stadium during President Buhari’s campaign rally in Aba, same hostility was meted out to Dr. Otti thus forcing the organizers of the two different rallies to move to Etche Road field. In displaying their frustration, hostility and intolerance, the PDP Government went ahead to announce the suspension of a renowned Tradional Ruler of more than four decades Eze Dr. Isaac Ikonne (Enyi 1 of Aba)for hosting Gen. Buhari and conferring him with a Chieftaincy title.
At the peak of the collation of results of the Governoship election in Abia, and shortly after the Returning Officer had during a Press Conference witnessed by Local and International Journalists and election observers announced the cancellation of the 3 L.G.As of Osisioma, Obingwa, and Isialangwa North on the basis of election violence and massive rigging, PDP’s apostles of violence led by Chief T.A.Orji, Chief Olisa Metuh, Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe, and Sen. Adolph Wabara supported by well armed security men and thugs recklessly raped our electoral laws and mocked our democracy when they callously invaded the INEC headquarters in Umuahia where they forced the electoral officers to reverse the cancellation earlier made; of course through this brazen impunity and criminality, Chief Sekondus’ PDP got their dubious victory which they are presently struggling with utmost frustration to defend at the Guber Tribunal in Umuahia ,hence the latest false alarm about the so called plot against them at the Tribunals; do Sekondus and the PDP think that Nigerians are fools?

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Indeed if the essence of this response was to review the countless crimes of the PDP before and during the last election against Nigerians, especially against the major opposition political parties, we would have expanded our references in detail to include the violence and campaign of calumny against Gen. Buhari and his party, the illegal invasion of APC offices, especially in the South West, the threats and intimidation by the DSS against the opponents of the PDP, the violent invasion and massive rigging that took place in Anambra during the Presidential and National Assembly election, the broad day brigandage witnessed in Akwa Ibom, and above all the political terror and mindless massacre that took place in Rivers State, indeed Chief Uche Sekondus and his wailing wailer brothers wined, dined, slept, and, snored while these atrocities took place under their nose.
Thereis an Igbo adage that says, “he who is carrying nothing does not break any thing”. When the PDP indulged in their naked rigging, they asked their opponents to proceed to the Tribunals, of course the day of reckoning is here when the Atahiru Jega -INEC anti rigging master plan is going to assist the innocent recover all that was stolen, so if the PDP believe they have come to equity with clean hands, why are they raising false and kindergarten alarm, why are they cheaply but repeatedly struggling to use the DSS and Daura’s name to score cheap political points.
Before Chief Sekondus succeeds in misinforming and deceiving unsuspecting members of the public, especially Abians, we must first remind Sekondus, Olisa Metuh, the PDP, and other anti democratic forces that see Abia as their conquered economic empire, that Abians are more than desperate for freedom hence their unanimous support for APGA and Dr. Alex Otti during the election, this accounts for the unquenchable support and solidarity they have sustained for Dr. Otti since he approached the Tribunal for redress.

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It’s also very necessary to call on the PDP to advise the present government in Abia to avoid the army of political scammers who are presenting them selves as reliable middle men capable of influencing the judges with bribe, these agents are the real enemies of Abia who are willing to scam Abia to bankruptcy. The government should use the resources given to Abia to at least pay our workers within the short time they are going to preside over the affairs of the state since it’s obvious they lack the capacity to rewrite our chequered history, rather than embark on a doomed voyage of trying to get victory once again through the back door.
Having come to equity with clean hands and hearts, APGA expects nothing but justice anchored on truth, of course our confidence and hope is strengthened by one; that the Judges presiding over the matter are tested and trusted Legal Principals of Impeccable Character who are out to serve justice to those that sincerely deserve it. In the words of the Tribunal Chairman Justice Usman Bwala, “We are here to give justice to every one, justice to you(APGA), Justice to you(PDP), we are not interested in your bribe, so no one should approach us with bribe). Two; our optimism is anchored on the fact that there is a new dawn of transparency heralded by the Muhammadu Buhari anti-corruption stance which clearly makes PDP’s lucrative business of election rigging and judicial manipulation unattractive and unrealistic.

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Yes, we understand that the PDP at this moment are are very broke at the national level hence their desperation to hold tight on Abia by all means in order to have more conquered economic empires to plunder , we also recognize the fact that as a party that was used to looting of Commonwealth which they presently do not have access to, the possibility of mental brokenness and emotional breakdown is very high hence our advise for the PDP to either accept the Lai Mohammed recommended free Refresher Course on how to survive as an opposition in order to remain in business, or remove their sinful apparel, apologize to Nigerians, and confess their sins.

Ferdinand Ekeoma
Director of Media to the Chairman
APGA, Abia State.


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