BREAKING: Wike VS: Dakuku: INEC Staff Opens Can Of Worms


As Hearing Continues at the Rivers State Governorship Election  Petition Tribunal,a staff working at the ICT Department of the Independent National Electoral Commsion(INEC) today revaled that the card readers used during the conduct of the April Mr.Abimbola Olamijumi  recorded only 293,072

Abimbola who works in INEC as Assistant Director ICT,appeared as a subpoena witness to represent the  director of ICT  of the Commision.

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On Cross examination by Counsel to Governor Nyesom Wike,the INEC revealed to the Tribunal that as the Assistant Director of ICT,his office covers both Voters Accredition

“I am in charge of the INEC data base, which includes voter register,  the card reader & Accreditation data-base,We took a decision dat smart card should only be used in de accreditation

On the election day a voter appears at the polling with his or her PVC,The APO 1 Collects the PVC and swipes it under the card reader on successful reading.

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The APO 1 request the voter to bring forth his or her finger print for identification, if there is a match presented,And the finger print read from the card then it stands a successful accreditation,If not successful it stands a failed accreditation
Summation of successful and unsuccessful sums up the total accreditation held

The APO1 clicks on a button and the upload is done to INEC database

we have a total of 293,072 as accredited voters in Rivers State.

Mr.Abimbola Told the Tribunal.

Hearing Continue,more Star witnesses still to come.

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3rdR – As an ICT person in INEC, can you say this device is an imperfect man device?
PW49- It depends what you mean
We made provisions for breakdown, you can’t expect me to say otherwise when the card reader worked perfectly

All card readers were moved to INEC headquarters in the state for upload

Court adjourn till 3:30pm For break


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