Dakuku VS Wike: Today Tuesday 15th September UPDATE


Court resumes as Panel just stepped in

Petitioner represented by Barrister Achi Wobodo as respondents are absent

Petitioner- Chief Akin Olujimi SAN
1stR- Onyechi Ikpeazu SAN
2ndR- Emmanuel Ukala SAN
3rdR- Chief Chris Uche SAN

A video will be played in  court today displaying what happened in Rivers State during the 11th April 2015 Guber election.

Petitioner calls his first  witness for the day

PW48 is a subpoena  witness  from the Nigerian Police force

What’s your name?
PW48- SP Tafa Michael

Where do you live?
PW48- Mopol 48 Ahoada RS

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You’re here on a subpoena served on the IG of police, if you see it can you identify it?
PW48- Yes

Petitioner tenders it  as evidence to the Judge

Judge Mark it as  exhibit A7

Petitioner – How did you come to know about this subpoena?
PW48- I was served via a signal in ahoada to report to OC legal here in abj

Did you attend the interview?

PW 48:Yes and was informed about the subpoena served on the IG of police, becos I was the officer on ground I am here to give my witness acct.

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Where did you participate ?
PW48- I was the  squadron commander mopol 56, Ogoni.

When did you report for duty?
PW48- 11 April 2015 I was asked to report in tai LGA, INEC office

I moved with my men, 8 in number In a hilux van

What happened next?
PW48- We heard gun shots and was asked to check,  by the round about close to the base,…..

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Keep Refreshing your BROWSER,MORE UPDATES are being processing as the court continues


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