Wike’s COCKROW At DUSK By: Oby Ndukwe


From the first day he set his foot in the Government House on May 29,:2015, he has spent 75 per cent of his little time there plotting on how to perpetually retire his corner boss, Rotimi Amaechi from politics. Nyesom Wike, the harsh-talking governor of Rivers State may not be alone.

He has a retinue of Rivers men and women under his payroll as bootlickers when they are actually the ones who should have been calling the shots. Men who have occupied exalted positions in the past but are now cap in hand begging to survive under Wike’s ‘unending’ largesse.
They claim to have come with a new vision for Rivers State but their actions and utterances depict nothing more than the proverbial three blind mice which ran after the farmer’s wife and she cut off their tails with a carving knife.
Wike has not seized to castigate and denigrate Amaechi. Millions of Naira have been sunk into the anti-Amaechi project.
The man who fought on the side of ex president Jonathan against the interest of Rivers people, Kalabaris in particular when their oil wells were forcefully ceded to Bayelsa, Jonathan’s state has suddenly turned around in a manner synonymous with him to demand for the return of those oil wells to Rivers State.

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Wike had vilified Amaechi and even discredited him for seeking to reclaim the Wells. They accused Amaechi of seeking to divert allocations from the Oil Wells into his personal account. To these moonwalkers, there was no use completing all the projects embarked upon under Amaechi.
Again, Gov. Wike is hyper excited over the recent plan by the Federal Government to pay back monies to states which had embarked on Federal projects.
Another windmill for a man whose inordinate lifestyle can only be compared to that of Idi Amin of Uganda.
Rivers State is being owed the sum of N105 billion for projects executed on behalf of the Federal Government. It was for this debt that some of the capital projects executed by Amaechi were left at 80-90 per cent completion. These were frustrated projects by Jonathan and his witchdoctors who never wanted Amaechi to be celebrated for beating the records of his predecessors and that of Jonathan himself.

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How can one reconcile the fact that Amaechi is being probed, decimated and hounded for seeking other ways of raising funds to compliment the poor federal allocations in order to complete the projects, pay workers’ salaries and pension, as well as other exigencies when he had a whooping N105 billion deliberately seized by the forner President?
If Amaechi had this money, would he have sold the Gas Turbines? Rather than condemn the former governor, those who caused him this stress of sourcing for funds should be condemned.
The double speak of Wike and his aides over the ceded Oil Wells shows that their Cocktail only crows at dusk! It’s too late to be on the side of the truth

Oby Ndukwe


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