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Tribunal Resumes today for continuation of INEC Defense Of the Petition brought by Dakuku Peterside of the APC challenging the Election that brought Nyesom Wike To Power

Appearances:  Akin Olujimi leading Chief Adeniyi Akintola SAN, Funke Aboyade SAN for the petitioner counsel.

Onyinyechi Ikpeazu SAN leading the INEC  team (1sR)

Okey Wali SAN leading Prof. Epiphany Azinge SAN, Eberechi Adiele SAN for the 2ndR

Chris Uche SAN leading Adedipe SAN for the 3rdR

DW9  for @inecnigeria  in court

Witness shown his witness deposition and adopts same as his evidence

What’s your name?
DW9- Derekumor Richmond

Where do you live?
DW9- Warri, Delta State

What do you do?
DW9- Just finished nysc


2ndR- Where did you serve your NYSC?
DW9- Andoni LGA

You were the PO of unit 4 ward 10?
DW9- Yes

You conducted elections peaceful and successful?
DW9- Yes

Accreditation was done,voting,counting and recording of votes?
DW9- Yes

What sought of accreditation did you use?
DW9- Card reader

You met the EO of your LGA at the collation centre and submitted?
DW9- Yes

No violence and destruction whatsoever?
DW9- Yes

3rdR- As the PO in this polling unit, you received complete materials before elections commenced?
DW9- Yes

You were there when accreditation commenced until voting?
DW9- Yes

Accreditation was done with card reader and it worked perfectly?
DW9- Yes

Was the voting process ever disrupted?

DW9- No Sir

After the elections the results where entered into form EC8A?
DW9- Yes

In the presence of all party agents?
DW9- Yes

Petitioner- You were PO of ward 10,unit 4?
DW9- Yes

Did it fail at anytime?
DW9- It worked efficiently

You used card reader faithfully?
DW9- Yes

The turn out of voters was minimal?
DW9- Yes

Did you have up to 100 voters?
DW9- No

Petitioner I will ask you with kind permission of my lord

Write your name twice?
Write Kennedy Simeon?

Which the DW9 is doing

Write Hezekiah Dimka?

Pls rewrite Kennedy Simeon in capital letters and also Hezekiah Dimka?

Petitioner- My lord I like to tender the write up as evidence

Respondents- No objection

Judge marks it as Exhibit A310

Petitioner Gives exhibit A286/124 to DW9 to confirm

DW9 confirms it

Petitioner – I put it to you that you signed for PDP and others in the form EC8A
DW9- I wrote it

DW9- They asked me to write it for them
(Kennedy Simeon and Hezekiah Dimka)

You had 43 failed accreditation?
DW9- No 43 failed authentication

1stR  asked the court for DW9 to be release from the witness box

Next witness

What is your name?
DW10- Nwachukwu Chimezie

Where do you live?
DW10- I live in Owerri

What do you do?
DW10- Statistics

Witness identifies and adopts his statement on oath

Cross examination

2ndR- What were you doing before your statistics?
DW10- was a corper in Buguma

You were the PO in ward 14,unit 9 of Degema?
DW10- Yes

You conducted elections in that ward?
DW10- Yes

There was accreditation, voting,counting and entering of results?
DW10- Yes

Did you use card reader?
DW10- Yes

DW10- When I collect your card and put it over the card reader,and it works it then qualifies the voter

Card readers worked?
DW10- Yes

Was there any violence?
DW10- No

When did you go to Degema for the elections?
DW10- 10th April

Was there gun shots?
DW10- No my lord

U submitted the results urself?
DW10- I was escorted by police to the ward collation centre,there I saw my colleagues and I joined the queue

3rdR- You arrived Degema 10 April,is it true there was gun shots fighting etc?

DW10- The night was calm,we didn’t know when day break

Court burst into laughter

One army man and police man came and told this tribunal that Degema was a war zone on the 10 April?
DW10- that’s a lie

The elections in your unit went peaceful and smoothly?
DW10- Yes

No agent of any political party complained about the electoral process?
DW10- Yes,and I left the venue peaceful

Petitioner- You were PO of ward 14,unit 9?
DW10- Yes

From unit 9,you knew what was happening in other units?
DW10- I can’t be everywhere my lord

Because of violence the elections in unit 1,8?
DW10- I don’t know

You confirm the card reader functioned very well?
DW10- Yes

If the card reader failed you should post pone the elections?
DW10- Nobody told me that, I am just hearing it from you

Your card reader failed 83 times?
DW10- Not true

Look at exhibit A 9, look at page 1 for the caption, Look at the failed accreditation?

What is the figure of failed accreditation?
DW10- 83

Judge- Any re examination
1stR- Nil

Next witness (DW11)

What’s your name?
DW11- Kpoorbari Legborsi

Where do you live?
DW11- 37 peace drive port Harcourt

What do you do?
DW11- student

What do you do?
DW11- student

DW11 adopts and affirms his oath

You presided over the conduct of elections that day?
DW11- Yes

And it was successful conducted?
DW11- Yes

Successful accreditation, voting, counting, and results entering?
DW11- Yes

How did you carry you out accreditation?
DW11- Card reader and manual

Why the both?
DW11- The card reader failed,we informed the SPO which directed we use manual

Nobody disrupted elections?
DW11- No body

You took the results to the ward collation centre?
DW11- I did

3rdR- You received sufficient electoral materials from your SPO?
DW11- Yes

You used card reader and manual?
DW11- Yes

When the card reader failed,did you use incident forms?
DW11- Yes

DW11- When authentication was difficult, we used incident forms

The incidents forms where parts of the materials you received from the SPO?
DW11- Yes

You personally entered results into form EC8A?
DW11- Yes

Did you by any method record on going events?
DW11- I did

DW11- I gave my phone to somebody to snap and I have the pictures here

Petitioner going through the pictures

My lord we apply to tender it as purpose of identification

Was there incident of ballot box snatching?
DW11- No

Petitioner- You used the card reader till it failed and resulted to manual?
DW11-  correct

You take the PVC and swap under the card reader?
DW11 – Yes

Do U confirm U were to use incident forms in respect to voters whose PVC accepted, but finger print didn’t accept?
DW11- Yes

Do U confirm U were to use incident forms in respect to voters whose PVC accepted, but finger print didn’t accept?
DW11- Yes

Look at exhibit A 9, Page 56, Look at form exhibit A290/40, Incidents forms used is 295…

….Look at exhibit A 278/57 Voters register,
You ticked some as accredited, 57 wasn’t ticked for governorship

.Look at serial number 44/45? #RiversTribunal
DW11- No

Olujimi SAN announces the presence of Yusuf Ali SAN & J. K. Eleja SAN

No re-examination….INEC  overruled

Page 624,volume 2

DW12:  DW taking swearing on oath

What’s your name?
DW12- Onyije Ifeanyi

Where do you live?
DW12- Rivers State

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What do you do?
DW12- Just finished NYSC

You made a deposition in this tribunal on 3 may?
DW12- Yes

DW12 identifies & adopts his statement

2ndR- Where did you serve in RS?
DW12- Ogba Egbama /Ndoni

You were the PO in unit 1,ward 3 in ogba egbama/ndoni?
DW12- Yes

You presided over the conduct of the said elections?
DW12- Yes

Was it peaceful and successful?
DW12- Yes

Accreditation, voting,counting and entering of results?
DW12- Yes

How did you do accreditation?
DW12- card reader

You personally submitted the results at the ward collation centre?
DW12- Yes

You met other PO at the ward collation centre?
DW12- Yes

No violence in your unit?
DW12- not at all

3rdR- You came a day before the elections?
DW12- Yes

Was there any shooting or violence?
DW12- None

Throughout the elections no snatching of ballot box?
DW12- None

You received sufficient electoral materials from your SPO?
DW12- Yes

Part of it was incident forms?
DW12- Yes

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Security agents where there?
DW12- Yes

Agents of different political parties were present?
DW12- Yes

Any army man who said he came to your ward will be lying?
DW12- Yes

Petitioner- Which university did you attend?
DW12- Ajuru university

When did you finish?
DW12- 2012

You have been attached to @inecnigeria  since then ?
DW12- I only worked with @inecnigeria  during this last elections

Where did you sleep in ogba egbama/ndoni?
DW12- In the RAC centre

You didn’t leave there until the next day?
DW12- Yes

Card reader was giving to you?

Did it work perfectly?
DW12- Yes

Can you remember the total accreditation?
DW12- 114

Contrary to your evidence,card reader failed 39 times?
DW12- I used incidents forms

Look at exhibit A 9,page 88, What’s the figure of the failed accreditation?

Do U remember in your unit,one Clever Orukwo was killed, I mean in omoku?
DW12- I never heard of any death or any gun shoots

Next witness

What is your name?
DW13-  Tubonimi Mcbala

What do you do?
DW13- I’m an applicant now

Where do you live?
DW13- I live at 2peace close, Rumuolemrni, PH

Witness identities and adopts his witness deposition as his evidence

PO unit 3 ward 1 degema LGA

DW13- Election was peacefully and successfully conducted

Accreditation voting sorting and voting was successful?
DW13- Yes

What was used for accreditation?
DW13- Manual

My APO told me that the card reader is having problems

My SPO directed me to go ahead with manual accreditation

3rdR- you submitted the result yourself?
DW13- I took the result and submitted it myself

3rdR- you submitted the result yourself?
DW13- I took the result and submitted it myself

When did for  the arrive for the election?
DW13- I arrived Degema on 10th….election was peaceful and crisis free

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You saw army?
DW13- I didn’t see soldiers only harmless police men

You received  complete electoral materials?
DW13- I received election materials including incident forms

Where you at your polling unit?
DW13- I was at my pooling unit and no violence of any form

Petitioner – did you use card reader?
DW13- I tried using card reader but it wasn’t working so I used manual accreditation throughout

How many did you accredit with card reader?
DW13- I accredited 83 with card reader

In form EC 8A (exh. A3 I have 360 registered voters

I accredited 300 and 300 voted

In form EC 8A (exh. A3 I have 360 registered voters

…. 300 voted with 2 rejected out of the 300 accredited voters

Look at exh. A9 p. 36….what is the total accreditation?
DW13- Over 400 registered voters, I was not the one that ticked it

Next witness

What is your name?
DW14- Mohammed Yusuf

Where do you live?
DW14- I live in Niger State 

Witness identifies and adopts his statement on oath

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Where did you serve?
DW14- I served in Opobo/Nkoro

DW14- I was the PO and election was peaceful and successful

I entered the results of my unit and met other POs at the collation center

DW14- Election materials were all provided 

Was there violence?
DW14- No violence or snatching of election materials

Did any of the agents complain?
DW14- No body complained or protested

Petitioner tells the court that he has no cross examination for DW14 

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Next witness (DW15) 

DW15 affirms

What is your name?
DW15- Maxwell Lucky

Where do you live?
DW15- I live in PH

DW15 Submits his PVC for confirmation

What do you do?

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DW15- Lab scientist but currently a fashion designer

Witness confirms and adopts his witness deposition on oath

Presiding officer in ward 9 in Asalga

Was the election peaceful?
DW15- Conduct was peaceful and successful

DW15- But we had a challenge during accreditation with the card reader

Andoni is a riverine area?
DW15- Yes

Where there security men around?
DW15- There was no disruption of the election in my unit

Petitioner – what is your name?
DW15- My name is Maxwell Lucky

What dis you use for accreditation?
DW15- I used card reader to accredit voters on the day of election

DW15- I had about 400 accredited voters

Look at exhibit A9 …..look at the number of total accreditation?
DW- 167, but we had uploading problems

All 417 voters were ticked to have voted?
DW15- not all

It’s not strange that from 418-435, none of them was deemed to have voted?
DW15- Not strange as ticking was done by APO 2

Next witness

What is your name?
DW16- Ogunkoye Olumide Adewale

What do you do?
DW16- Just finished my service…now job hunting

What did you do?
DW16- was the PO Ward 4 unit 5

What did you do?
DW16- was the PO Delga Ward 4 unit 5

Was election held?
DW16- Election was peaceful and successful

Was Accreditation voting, sorting and counting done?
DW16- Yes

You submitted your result?
DW16- I personally submitted my result at the ward collation center

You saw people at the collation office?
DW16- I saw other APOs there

When did you arrive Bakana?
DW16- I arrived Bakana a day before the elections

You saw soldiers present?

DW16- I saw policemen and no soldiers

Materials were issued to you?
DW16- Yes

I was issued with incident forms amongst other materials

How did you do the accreditation?
DW16- Accreditation was both with card reader and manual

We used the card reader but what showed on the card reader was ” authentication failed”

…. So I called my SPO who directed me to resort to manual accreditation

Manually we accredit by looking at the face and physical structure…if it tallies then the person will be allowed to vote

Accreditation took place in the presence of party agents?
DW16- Yes

Petitioner- where did you stay in Bakana?
DW16- I stayed at the RAC in Bakana

How many were accredited with card reader?
DW16- More than 15 were accredited before we had problems with the card reader

How many people were accredited manually?
DW16- about 300

Look at form EC 8 A, 357 registered to vote

DW16- INEC gave me 400 ballot papers

Unfortunialely Inec does not giv ballot papers more than d number of registered voters

You were in Okrika on the day of the elections?
DW16- I was at Bakana and not at Okrika on the day of election

According to INEC if card reader fails U were supposed 2 postpone the election?
DW16- I’m just hearing it my lord

1stR: my lord that is all we hv for 2day. No more witnesses.

The court was ajourned to tomorrow 29th/09/2015.


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