Nigeriia @ 55: We Can Still Get It Right -PUO


No Nation can boast of attaining total democracy and freedom without passing an ugly moments in History,we as Nigeria in the last 55 Years had under gone tortuous journey of our nascent democracy and Independent as a Nation since 1960.

There maybe a whole lot of mistake,our leaders may have made in the past,but that doesn’t mean we conclude from the past deeds of our Leaders,there is still hope for Nigeria,and we can still get it right only if we all put our hands together to the peace and progress of this great Nation.

As Nigerians all over the World celebrates our 55years as an Independent National,let us bear in mind that we have no other Nation we can call our own,Nigeria belongs to the Huasa,Igbo and Yoruba,lets come together to give peacea chance so that we can live in harmony.

Happy Independent Day Nigeria

Promise Uzoma Okoro,Publisher of PUO REPORTS



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