LIVE Updates From The Rivers State Governorship Election Tribunal


On behalf of myself and my team,i sincerely apologies over our inability to bring the live coverage of the Tribunal sitting in some Days past,but be rest assured that we are here now to keep you updated as the events unfolds at the Tribunal.

We are starting from the Cross Examination of the Defendants Witness 31.that is the 4th Witness brought by NYESOM Wike.


Witness affirming on oath

What’s your name?
DW31- Sampson Joseph

Subpoenaed witness

Where do you live?
DW31- Sampsons compound in Abua/Odual, Agada 2

What do you do?
DW31- Civil servant

You remember 11 April?
DW31- Yes

The gubernatorial and house assembly elections?
DW31- Yes

You have your subpoena document here?
DW31- Yes

My lord I tender it as evidence

Marks as exhibit B 18

2ndR- What role did you play?
DW31- I voted

You have your PVC ?
DW31- Yes

My lord we tender it as evidence

Respondents and petitioner going through the PVC

No objections

Judge marks exhibit B18

2ndR- Where did you vote?
DW31- Unit 7

When did you reach your unit?
DW31- 7am

What happened?
DW31- When I got there INEC officials weren’t around.

When they came they addressed voters and told us to queue for accreditation

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DW31- When I got in the official received my PVC and inserted it into the card reader..

DW31- he told me the machine wasn’t capturing my details & I had to check in the voters register 2 confirm before I can vote

And I ticked as accredited  as my finger was marked

DW31- About 2 pm, we were asked to come and vote, i received mine and I voted

DW31- After the voting which ended by 5pm there about

DW31- The inec officers sorted the ballot paper, counted and recorded the results and declared the winner to our hearing

DW31- The process was peaceful  after which everybody went home

1stR- You gave INEC official you PVC?
DW31-  Yes

NEC officials showed you all electoral materials?
DW31- In cause of addressing us, they did

You were in you unit from morning till evening?
DW31- I dedicated that day for the elections

Was there any incident of violence in your unit?
DW31-  not at all

3rdR- You only voted on the day of elections?
DW31-  Yes

Did you function as inec official?
DW31- Never

Did you fill any inec documents?
DW31-  never

You can’t say anything relating to inec documents?

Did you see soldiers in your PU?
DW31- I never saw soldiers

Did you see thumbing printing of ballot papers?
DW31- I never witness any

Did you witness ballot box hijacking?
DW31- If there was any how did I vote

You can say the election was free and fair?
DW31- Yes and credible

Petitioner- What’s your ward name?
DW31- Ward 7,Othatha

You said card reader failed?
DW31- That was what the inec official told me

You now did manual accreditation?
DW31- Yes

Look exhibit A 27/page 87/1 Voters register fro your ward?
DW31- My lord this is not my document, & is a black photocopy and I can’t see it

DW31- This photocopy is not eligible

Petitioner- Your serial number there is 419?
DW31- I can’t see it

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You saw results sheets?
DW31- When the officials  came they held up the results sheets for us to see

Look @ exhibit A282/70 Result sheet for your ward?
DW31- Wat I saw dat day was a blank result sheet, can’t say if this is it

What I gave you is result for ward 7,unit 2?
DW31- I am hearing it from you my lord

DW31- I am not the author of this document, i can’t read what I don’t know

Look at number of ballot paper alloyed?
No ballot papers issued throughout the whole ward?
DW31- I don’t know

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In your ward registered voters is 507, accredited voters are 574, and voted ticked is 517?
DW31- I don’t know

Judge- Any re examination
2ndR- NiL


2ndR- DW32 ( Subpoena witness)

What’s your name
DW32- Maduenyi O

Where do you live?
DW32- Ward 1, Ahoada town RS

What do you do?
DW32- business

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You remembered 11 April?
DW32- Yes

You’re here on subpoena?
DW32- Yes

Judge marks subpoened doc as exhibit B 20

2ndR- What did you do on that day?
DW32- I voted

You have prove?
DW32- Yes

My lord we tender his PVC as evidence

Mark as exhibit B 21

Where did you vote?
DW32- Ward 1,unit 6, In ahoada east

How did you participate?
DW32- Went to my unit by 8am, shortly inec officials arrived with electoral materials

And we assembled and got briefed on the conduct

The materials displayed includes Ballot box, voters register, results sheets, ballot papers etc

DW32- There after accreditation commenced &  I was accredited with a card reader

At 1:00 pm voting commenced and  end by 5:00 pm

Inec officials sorted, counted and declared the winner of the elections

1stR- Inec official showed empty and blank results sheets?
DW32- Yes

There was form of hijacking of electoral materials?
DW32- Not in ward 1,unit 6

You were there from accreditation to declaration of results?
DW32- Yes

3rdR- You merely came to vote?
DW32- Yes

You didn’t function as INEC official?
DW32- never

You didn’t fill any forms for INEC?
DW32- I wasn’t trained for that

You didn’t see what inec officials were filling?
DW32- I watched from afar

Did you witness mass thumbing printing of ballot papers?
DW32- Never

Did you see soldiers?
DW32- I only saw 2police officers  and 1 road safety official

The election was free and fair?
DW32- Yes

Petitioner- Card reader worked perfectly?
DW32- When I was accredited it functioned well

Others too were accredited with card reader?
DW32- I can not say, but I can say for myself

You reported by 8 am,and stayed till the end?
DW32- As a voter

You know Odimini Scholar?
DW32- Yes she is one of the voter of the unit

She signed as agent for PDP?
DW32- I can’t say

Do you know many persons were accredited to vote that day?
DW32- No idea

Let me show you Exhibit A 9/page 6/187 card reader report?
DW32- I don’t know how dis documents came abt, so I can’t read it

You don’t want to read?
DW32- Asking me to read is asking me to take responsible of what I don’t know

What’s your educational qualification?
DW32- 1st degree

Look at Exhibit A 267/6 Voters register?
DW32- I didn’t author inec documents I can’t read it

I put it to you, you have 105 registered voters, more than the registered voters ticked?
DW32- I dont know

Look exhibit A 3/5?
DW32- I can’t read anything from this documents, so I don’t contradict you

You have been brought here to tell a tissue of lie?
DW32- That’s a blatant lie

2ndR- You don’t use such words on a SAN

DW32-  I am sorry my lord


Witness affirming on oath

What’s your name?
DW33- Maclean DocGin

What do you do?
DW33- Fish farmer

Where do you live?
DW33- Ahoada east

Judge marks his subpoened doc as Exhibit B 22

2ndR- Did you participate and how?
DW33- Yes

You have anything to show?
DW33- Yes

I tender it as evidence

Exhibit 23

2ndR- Where did you vote?
DW33- Unit 4,state school ogbo,ward 13,Ahoada east

By 9 am the inec officials came

After which they showed us electoral materials

After which they sat down and directed we queue and accreditation started

After voting we hanged around till 5 pm,when they sorted out the ballot papers, counted and declared the results

1stR- No hijacking of materials?
DW33- It was peaceful, nothing like that

Did you see soldiers?
DW33- Never

3rdR- You had two elections that day?
DW33-  Correct

Inec gave you one set of ballot paper?
DW33- Two different ballot papers, You never

worked with inec?
DW33- I was a voter

You had no business with filling inec forms?
DW33- never

You don’t know what was written?
DW33- Never

Did you see mass thumbing printing of ballot papers?
DW33- Never

The elections was free and fair?
DW33- purely

Petitioner- you  voted in ward 13,unit 4? DW33- Yes £RiversTribunal

Inec officials showed you documents?
DW33- Yes

Did you see results sheets?
DW33- Yes

Look at exhibit A 283/85. Results sheets for your ward.
DW33- I don’t know if it is this one

Can you see your photograph?
DW33- What they showed me that day was blank. I am not a party to this documents

Read this documents?
DW33- I can’t read it my lord

Exhibit A 278/13.
Voters register
DW33- I have no idea my lord, i was a common voter

Can you read?
DW33- Yes. Perfectly well too

Your name was ticked?
DW33-  Yes

DW33- I can’t read a doc I am not party to it.
I was a voter.  Am not an inec official.

I put it to you that 224 voters were ticked,173 was recorded?
DW33- I don’t know my lord.

Any re examination?
2ndR- Nil my lord

DW34: Isaac Banigo
Lives in Bonny.
A subpoenaed witness. Tenders his subpoena in evidence.
& marked as exhB24.

2ndR- What did you do that day?
DW34-  I voted

You have an evidence?
DW34- Yes. My PVC

My lord I tender it as evidence. No objections from the parties.
Exhibit marked as B 25

Where did you vote?
DW34- Unit 7,ward 14.
On that day circumstances to our terrain I got to my home village by 8am….

By 9am the inec officials arrived with two policemen and addressed us.
And presented inec materials to us.

DW34-_After which we queued up for accreditation by 9:00 am.
And my PVC passed the process and I was inked on my finger

Daw34- Accreditation ended by 1:00 pm.
And voting started by 2:00 pm and I cast my vote…

Voting continued till 6pm.
Then sorting,counting and declaration took place. Before I left

Cross examination

1stR- Adhoc staff were present?
DW34- Yes

No violence?
DW34- never

There was no mass thumbing printing of ballot papers?
DW34- never

You saw soldiers?
DW34- never

3rdR- Did you function as inec official?
DW34- no

You were an ordinary voter?
DW34- Yes

You never filled any forms?
DW34- Never

You didn’t fill any voters register, results sheets etc?
DW34-  Never

You don’t know what they filled?
DW34- i don’t.

Petitioner- You voted in ward 7,unit 5?
DW34- Yes

Accredited with card reader?
DW34- Yes

You saw other voters?
DW34- Yes

Inec officials showed you documents?
DW34- Yes

Did you see results sheets?
DW34- Yes

You know the total accredited voters?
DW34- No

Look @ Exhibit A 276/50 page 3 item 32?
DW34-Dis document is an inec document, I am nt an inec official I can’t interpret it

DW34- But I can see my picture.

You were ticked to have voted?
DW34-  That’s inec duty

Only 135 voters were accredited that day?
DW34- I wouldn’t have known.

How many did each party get?
DW34-  I don’t know.

DW 35-Jack Emmanuel John. Lives in Bonny. An applicant. In court on subpoena
Tenders his in evidence & marked as exhibitB26

2ndR- What did you do?
DW35- I voted.

You have anything to show?
DW35- Tenders his pvc as evidence and marked as exh. B 27

Where did you vote?
DW35- Ward 1,unit 005

DW35- At at 7:45 am, I went to my unit.
I accreditation. After which I waited till accreditation ended by 2pm

DW35- Before commenced voting. And I also voted

And then waited till 5:00 when elections ended.
After then they sorted, counted and declared the winner

Cross examination

1stR- How were you accredited?
DW35-  Card reader

The machine identified your thumb finger? DW35- Yes

Elections was free and fair?
DW35- Yes.

Non was harassed?
DW35- none

You saw soldiers?
DW35- Only 1 police man

3rdR- You came as a voter?
DW35- Yes

You don’t have anything to do with forms of inec?
DW35- Yes

You don’t know what inec officers wrote down after elections?
DW35- Yes my lord

Petitioner: You were accredited with card reader?
DW35- Yes

Other voters where there?
DW35- Yes

They were accredited with card reader?
DW35- I  can only speak for myself.

Did you see other ppl been accredited?
DW35- No

How many were accredited?
DW35-  I am not an inec official.

Look at exhibit A 9//page 39?
DW35- This is inec document I can’t read it.

Can you tell my lord the votes declared after elections?
DW35- I  am not an inec official, and I can’t remember it now

You’re here to say what you have told to say by your lawyers?
DW35- Not true my lord

I can’t answer questions I don’t know about

No Re-examination!

DW36- A registered voter in Andoni. Tenders his pvc in evidence. And marked as exh 28

1stR- no question

You only voted?
DW36- Yes

You never functioned as an inec official?
DW36- never

You don’t have access to VR,RS etc?
DW36- never

3rdR- You don’t know what they filled in the forms?
DW36- Correct

Petitioner: You’re a pastor?
DW36- yes

Which church?
DW36-Gospel Truth Liberty church

You’re the Shepherd there?
DW36- Yes,
 founded in what year?
DW36- 2010

You’re the Shepherd there?
DW36- Yes,
 founded in what year?
DW36- 2010

Before then you were a pastor in Greater evangelism?
DW36- Yes

And you were dismissed for questionable character?
DW36- Not true

Look at Exhibit A 275/35 Page 8/item 106 That’s your picture?
DW36- Yes

P- Look at serial number 3. Look at item 3,8,12 of the same exhibit.
They were ticked to have voted without accreditation?

DW36-  I can’t confirm this records. Because it is faint, and this document is not mine

You were accredited  with card reader with others too?
DW36-  I can say for myself.

Petitioner- Look at item A page 2, what’s the total number of accredited people?

DW36 – I am not the maker so I can’t read it.

Judge: any re-examination?
2ndR-  No my Lord.

Court adjourned till Monday





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