By: Oby Ndukwe

Yesterday at the tribunal in Dakuku (APC) vs. Wike (PDP) was probably the shortest day and the most shocking to all ‘worshippers’ and supporters of Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike who had trooped into the Apo Court in their numbers, not only to give support to their leader but to hear him prove his opponents wrong for alleging that his victory was flawed.

While his advance team made up of his security sides and political jobbers had arrived the Court in an unusual manner,  his team of lawyers led by Emmanuel Ukala, SAN, were on hand to lead him into the witness box, but all that frenzied atmosphere disappeared as soon as Ukala announced that he was closing his defence.

Rather than introduce his presumable star witness to wrap up his defense and prove the DSS, Army, INEC and International Observers wrong, Ukala only tendered Newspapers as his last witness. In place of Wike, newspapers which reported that his cloned witnesses were arrested by the DSS and the IGP were all Ukala presented to the Court as evidence.

The APC ambush through Akin Olunjimi SAN was aborted by the disappearance of Wike from the Court premises after being spotted.  He was wiser to have declined the invitation to testify. Of course,  his opponents were ready to confront him on several grounds. Olunjimi would have made a mincemeat of the braggadoo governor who claims to hold the magic wand in electoral and judiciary matters. Wike tactically withdrew when it leaked to him that the APC lawyers had sufficient documents on his eligibility question considering the false oath he swore in his INEC documents. Olunjimi and co would have told the Court that the testimony of this witness should not be relied on considering the false declaration of age,  educational qualifications and Tax Clearance he submitted to INEC.
Wike would have found it difficult to withstand the legal punches of the great Olunjimi backed by Falana and others.

The ambush laid for him would have further messed up his case. It was evident that Olunjimi would have exposed the fact that the subpoaned witnesses from Police in favour of Wike were nothing more than a purchase of subpoena through the backdoor without the knowledge of the IGP as demanded by law. He would have been shredded into pieces when confronted with the truth that the dismissed INEC staff did not appear on behalf of  The Commission.
In all, Wike was wise to have disappointed his waiting worshippers who had thronged the Courtroom to give their background support.
As if the ambush was not enough, President Buhari through Senate President Saraki unveiled the Ministerial list. Again, Rotimi Amaechi prevailed his name was on the list.

In spite of calculated smear campaign costing several millions of naira,  his arch enemy made it as one of PMB’s wise men. It was really an ambush by the APC Federal Government against Wike and the PDP.
Truly, the true colour of federal might is manifesting. And Wike sure knows one when he sees it. I guess he will not continue in the futile attempt to engage the powers that be. For the Pharoah in power today does not know that Joseph of yesterday!

Chief Oby Ndukwe is the Publisher Of THE BEAM MAGAZINE


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