Popular ABUJA Radio Station EXPOSES Abia State Governor’s “Heartlessness”


The Governor of Abia is has come under attack by the public over his treatment to a poor Pensioner who came to LOVE Fm 104.5Fm to complain to a Presenter of an audience participatotry Programme BREKETE Mr.Ahmed Isa.

According to the Presenter of the Programme Mr.Ahmed Isa,who took down the Governor of Abia state Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu and one of his Personnal Assistant Mr.Enyinnaya Appolos over the duo’s body language towards the plight of the poor pensioner.

According to Mr.Isa,after the Widow complained that for over 7 Months,they have not been paid their pensioner,Abia state Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was called LIVE on the Programme,after which he asked the woman to meet him at the Abia state Government House.

But the governor was not truthful enough to keep to his words of meeting with the poor pensioner,instead his Security details preveted the woman entrance into the State Government House,PUO REPORTS Learnt actually that the woman sent an SMS to the Governor,but he never responded.
During the Programme today in Abuja,the Presenter Mr.Ahmed Isa popularly called the Ordinary said the governor displays insincerity and shows he lies too much even as a Leader

The message Mr.Isa sent to Enyinnaya Appolos Reads in Part

“ Responsiveness,sincerity and integrity have at no time siezed to be the critical attributes of Leadership.I Am not sure Abinas and Nigerians at Large expect Lease from their leader at this time.If a leader say” COME,I WILL SEE YOU”,but refused to see the person,will it not be perceived as lies and Deceits.As Professional Colleague,i thought you will be advicing the governor rightly”

The programme has taken down many public leaders including the Governor of Kogi State,it is a programme where the public get fast solutions to their problems


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