Best Of Rivers Awards-BORA Unveils Nominees LIST


Organizers of the Best of Rivers Awards –BORA, have unveiled the preliminary nominees of the 2nd edition of the awards. The list which is comprised of an array of categories sees a competitive blend from different facets of industries.

The Best of Rivers Awards® is managed by Inkline Koncepts, a Nigeria and UK Registered Company. The awards are non-governmental, non-political; embracing all facets of industries and individuals in Rivers State. And samples over 200 individuals and Organizations in more than 50 categories.

Speaking to participants at the unveiling ceremony, Executive Director of BORA, Lawson K’hel, said “the idea was borne out of the sheer need to recognize and reward immense contributions of excellence to the social and economic development of Rivers State by individuals and corporations alike.” He said, “Our mission is direct and clear; recognizing and rewarding visible, tangible and measurable excellent results; not rhetoric and unnecessary showmanship. Take our word as a guarantee that we will continue to recognize excellence in Rivers State, and Nigeria. We are very clear about our purpose in organizing the BEST OF RIVERS AWARDS.”

You can view the complete list of nominees on the BORA website,


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