More Trouble For Nnamdi Kanu and Radio Biafra


Following the arrest by DSS officers of Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra (UK) Ltd, on Wednesday 14/10/2015, in a Lagos hotel, we at CUPS decided to investigate the corporate history of Radio Biafra Ltd. What we discovered is amazing.
Our investigation shows that despite the fact that Radio Biafra Ltd has been operating, and Nnamdi Kanu has been collecting hundreds of thousands of pounds or even millions from misled donors around the world, his company Radio Biafra Ltd is still registered with the authorities as a DORMANT company.
A dormant company is an inactive company that is exempted from paying taxes. Here are some more facts that we discovered about Radio Biafra Ltd:
1. Radio Biafra Ltd is a dormant company as of 31/8/2015.
2. Company registration number is 08635030.
3. Company was incorporated on 2/8/2013.
4. Company has only 2 shares, with each share worth one pound.
5. Company Director is Mr. Kenny Okwu-Kanu. Born on 25/09/1967. His address is given as: 30 Sandlings Close, Pilkington Road, London, SE15 3SY.
6. Company Secretary is Mr. Alphonsus Uche Okafor-Mefor. His address is given as: 44 Crispe House, 72 Dovenhouse Mead, Barking, Essex, 1G11 7EB.
Our investigation also led us to a key witness called Chioma Amaryllis, who was the former PR Coordinator for Radio Biafra. She produced a startling video, posted on Youtube, in which she alleged that Nnamdi Kanu is a fraudster and a fake. In her testament, she alleged that Mr. Kanu is misleading gullible Igbos around the world by collecting huge sums of money from them to sustain his playboy lifestyle. She further alleged that Mr. Kanu is the company director, treasurer, and accountant of Radio Biafra. He is in total control of all the money coming in.

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By all accounts, Mr. Kanu truly is a fraudster who has been breaking UK company laws and evading tax. He is also a traitor who has been using the Radio Biafra platform from London, under the aegis of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to incite hatred, violence, and unrest in Nigeria. This is the reason why the DSS arrested him. He may be charged for treason.
Fellow Nigerians, equipped with the above facts, we are now in a position to ask the following pertinent questions: What kind of friend is Britain to Nigeria that this vermin is allowed to break British laws, and use British soil to undermine the corporate integrity of Nigeria? Is it not sheer hypocrisy driven by sinister motives on the part of the Police and MI5 that this criminal is allowed to operate with impunity? I am writing this blog from London, and I dare say that millions of Nigerians at home and in Diaspora need answers from the British authorities!

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Finally, while writing this blog, we received an anonymous tip that the DSS has supposedly asked for N50 million as bond to release Nnamdi Kanu. Some gullible Kanu followers in UK and Ireland are being mobilised to raise this money. This could be another 419 scam to defraud scammers and traitors. We will investigate and report back accordingly.
May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.
Dr. Idris Ahmed.


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