NNAMDI KANU: Never throw a stone in market, it may hit your mother By: Daniel Okpara


It’s only a dog that goes back to what he vomits. Yesterday the Internet Radio Biafra boss and his cohorts never recognize the position of President Buhari. He was king of the zoo yesterday and the president of Nigeria today. Who is fooling who?
I was shocked when I read 3 open letters from Nnamdi Kalu’s supporter addressing Mr President as ‘Your Excellency’.

Yesterday, Mr President was an animal but today he is an excellency. One of the lawyers to stand for Mr Nnamdi Kanu is a Yoruba man born of Hausa woman. Mr Nnamdi should know that those people that are standing for him on advocacy are some of the ‘animals’ in the ‘zoo’ Who knows tomorrow?
Buy the truth and sell it not. If Nnamdi Kanu has real supporters than ‘ ndi ana -eli mugu’, by now Eastern Nigeria would be boiling. Roads would have been closed. All they have done is to talk nonesense on facebook and hide. I expected them block every road and walk to SSS offices, but every of his supporter has gone for his daily business. Cowards! Idiots!
Igbos must know that Nnamdi Kanu is a scam chief! He has extorted millins of Naira, Euros and Dollars from naive Igbos in the name of Biafra. Biafra has only one radio called Radio Biafra. Internet Radio Biafra is a scam to extort money and enrich himself. When shall you learn?
For those of you praying for his release and freedom, reserve your prayers and strenght for a better thing, not on this idiot’s case. He committed felony, false accusation, and other criminal offences. He must face the full wrath of the law. Everyday is for a thief…


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