Oby Ndukwe Angrily Writes:Now That The Party Is Over


A white paper is not a conviction or a judgment. It is only a Court of Law that has the powers of conviction….Supreme Court Judgment in Atiku vs FG, amongst others.

So what else will they brandish? In  any case,  who really cares about the Ministerial appointment? Is it commensurate to the challenge Amaechi put up against President Jonathan, his wife, PDP and their agents?
Even in APC, he stopped Vice President Atiku Abubakar, a front-runner for the APC presidential ticket. He garnered massive support for President Buhari, who though was popular but not in a delegate election where money determines who wins.

Today, he stands as the number one enemy of the PDP. Who expects him to have an easy sail at the Senate considering the unholy romance between Senate President Bukola Saraki and the PDP members?
The fight against Amaechi could have been avoided if President Buhari had appointed him as Secretary to the Government of the Federation. What was Buhari thinking when he reserved Amaechi for a Ministry?

Asking Amaechi to pass the Senate hurdles easily is akin to the biblical “camel passing through the eye of a needle”. The camel must be squeezed, crushed and utterly bruised if it must succeed through the narrow gate!
The price for loyalty comes not easy. It is to be “highly favoured ” but troubled. Amaechi’s loyalty to PMB and the APC is passing through a test of fire, the enemy’s fire. No matter the pretentious posture of the president not to belong to anybody, as he claims,  the simple truth is that, for the sake of morals, he must make haste to belong to somebody at such a time as this.
Let him not think that this little fire set up by the enemy will remain like that without spreading like wild fire which spared no one.
Wild Fires also do not belong to no one but belongs to everyone.

Even if Amaechi does not scale through or he is messed up by the dark forces in PDP through the machinations of Gov. Wike, the APC Federal Government of Buhari will someday realise that it had opened its flanks for the enemy to encroach.


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